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True Order by Patricia Logan - Blog Tour with Excerpt and Giveaway


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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
True Order
By Patricia Logan

04_TrueOrder for Amazon 1867-x-2800

Prosper Woods Chronicles, Book 4

Bloodthirsty vamps. Dire Wolf royalty. The Prince of unicorns. What's next? All out war of course.

When I came to Prosper Woods, the last thing I expected was to be walking into a world of magic. Horror movies at the theater hadn’t prepared me for the realization that vampires, werewolves, witches, shifters, and ghosts were real. After six months, I’ve learned to live with it and I count many odd creatures as friends, not to mention my soulmate, a vampire who makes me tremble when he kisses me.

I’m hopelessly, helplessly in love.

When I came to Prosper Woods, my expectations were low. I brought Robert’s bones, numerous possessions, and regret for my role in my maker’s sheer bloodlust. I also brought Robert’s ancient tomes. When Sergio showed up demanding I give him the books, I banished him with the help of a spell and a friendly witch. I never expected those books to be the source of danger to my man and our life together.

I’m hopelessly, helplessly in love.

When the vampire came to town, I knew things were going to change. What I didn’t expect was to become alpha of my pack and fall in love with my best friend. Werewolf royalty moved into town, bad vampires were about to go to war with us, and the biggest surprise of all…the unicorns had a king of their own. I don’t know what’s about to happen, but I want to avoid war. With Sam by my side, I’m pretty sure I can face anything.

Because I’m hopelessly, helplessly in love.

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When Mrs. Mendez had gone, I caught Sid’s eye. The old man walked over to the counter and lifted a hinged area, beckoning me to come behind it with him.

“He’s in the root cellar. Go out the backdoor. As soon as you step outside, you’ll see the double doors leading down to it,” Sid said. He glanced out through the storefront window before looking back at me. “It’s just now sundown, so it should be safe.” He didn’t elaborate but I knew he meant Vincent could come out, now there was no danger from the sun.

“Thanks, Sid,” I said, patting the old man on the forearm as I passed by him and headed to the back of his store. I took a deep breath as I stood at the entrance to the root cellar out in the back alley. I don’t know why I was nervous. I suppose I was afraid of being rejected. Just as I was reaching out to grab the door handle, the double doors suddenly opened, and I was looking into the bright topaz eyes of the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. Vincent smiled shyly, stepped forward, and pulled me into his arms, burying his face in the side of my neck.

“I’ve been an utter fool, Romeo. I’m so sorry for worrying you, love.” He kissed my neck, holding his nose against a throbbing vein there, and I hugged him tightly, unbelievably relieved to have him in my arms again.

“You know you can tell me anything, don’t you?” I asked, breathing in the apple scent of his shampoo and adoring the silky feeling of his hair against my lips. “I know you’ve been out of sorts ever since getting the email a week ago.”

He loosened his grip but didn’t let me go as he leaned back and stared into my eyes. “I thought…” He shook his head slowly. “Well, it doesn’t matter. I was wrong in any case.”

“It matters, Vincent. Whatever it is, it matters. Tell me,” I beseeched. “I’m your mate. You know you’re safe with me as long as you’re honest, Vincent.” 

He nodded slowly. “Can we head home now? I’ll tell you all about it later. Right now, all I want to do is spend some time with you.”

I sighed. He was right. I really didn’t want to open a long discussion when all I could think of was getting him naked and under me.

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Catch up on the series:

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To celebrate the release of True Order, Patricia is giving away 2 Audible Codes for True Order or an e-set of the series AND e-set of Prosper Woods Chronicles (4.5 eBooks)!

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About the Author:

International bestselling author Patricia Logan, resides in Los Angeles, California. The author of several #1 bestselling erotic romances in English, Italian, French, and Spanish lives in a small house with a large family. When she’s not writing her next thriller romance, she’s watching her grandchildren grow up way too soon, and raising kids who make her proud every day. One of her favorite tasks is coaxing nose kisses from cats who insist on flopping on her keyboard while she tries to type. She counts herself lucky to be surrounded by people who love her and give her stories to tell every day.

Become a fan of Patricia at http://authorpatricialogan.com

Email her at patricialogan.author@yahoo.com. She loves to hear from readers more than anything and will respond to all emails.

Connect with Patricia:
Website: http://www.authorpatricialogan.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ploganauthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PatriciaLogan1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorpatricialogan/
Email: patricialogan.author@yahoo.com


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Merr Elf-ing Christmas by Beth Bolden - Release Tour with Excerpt and Giveaway


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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Merry Elf-ing Christmas
By Beth Bolden

merry elfing christmas - ebook-1600x2400

Aidan might be a bad elf, but he’s never been naughty.

Aidan has always landed on Santa’s nice list, thank you very much. But that doesn’t mean he’s cut out to be a North Pole elf; instead of worrying about the dwindling magic of Christmas, he’d much rather be back in Tir na Nog, calculating where the next end of the rainbow is going to land.

Instead he’s freezing his butt off in Santa’s sleigh.

His situation seems grim despite all the decking the halls, until on Christmas Eve, during a milk and cookies run, he meets Dexter, an engineering student.

They couldn’t be more different, and Dexter couldn’t be more forbidden, but Aidan is drawn to the handsome human anyway. Over the next year, their emails start out as a entertaining way to pass the time in all his interminable elf meetings, but soon, hearing from Dex becomes the very best part of his day.

And when they meet up on the next Christmas Eve? Aidan and Dex discover that their infatuation is so much more than just attraction. If they believe in each other and in the love they share, together their magic might be powerful enough to save Christmas.

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Aidan was supposed to be in Ireland.

He was supposed to be counting golden coins, buffing cauldrons and helping his boss, the vice president of Leprechaun Operations, triangulate where the end of the next rainbow would land.

Instead, he was in Santa’s sleigh.

Currently freezing his balls off.

His friend Ronan had said that “weirder things had happened,” but Aidan wasn’t sure that there was much weirder than at the young age of sixty-seven discovering that he wasn’t meant to be at Tír na nÓg, but instead that he’d apparently been born under a unique northern star, under a particular set of circumstances—the same circumstances that a North Pole elf had once foretold would produce the Elf Who Would Save Christmas.

AKA the Christmas Savior.

Aidan was flattered, but the truth was, he didn’t want to save Christmas.

He wanted to find the end of the next rainbow.

Santa—no, Aidan reminded himself, Sam, as he’d introduced himself a few weeks back, with twinkling blue eyes and a welcoming smile—turned to him. “Want to stop for a snack?” he asked.

Aidan actually didn’t. He wanted to finish this interminable night and get off this sleigh and stop shivering, finally.

The magic of Christmas blah blah blah had lasted just about as long as it took for that first blast of arctic air to sneak up the back of his fur-lined cloak.

“Sure, we could get a snack,” Aidan said instead, because he was supposed to be assisting, and as Edmund, head of the North Pole elves, had told him when he’d pulled him aside for one last hissed, hurried set of instructions, that meant Santa got whatever he wanted.

“This night,” Edmund said in that annoyingly stentorian voice of his, “is for Santa. It’s Santa’s night.”

“Sam,” Aidan had responded impudently, earning him one of Edmund’s trademark frosty glares. “He told me to call him Sam.”

Edmund had sniffed, clearly unamused. “If that is what Santa said, then so be it.”

He’d learned that much during his last six weeks in the North Pole; Santa’s word was freaking law.

Even the leprechauns hadn’t wielded quite so much power.

But then with Sam, it wasn’t really power. He ruled with good old-fashioned love, inspiring an adoring crowd who would gladly trample anyone who didn’t feel the same.

The good news was that up til now, Aidan had managed to keep his apathy under wraps.

If Edmund or any of the other North Pole elves ever found out about it, he was screwed.

Sam pulled the sleigh, powered by its flying doohicky—Edmund had forwarded him the complicated plans that he’d glanced over and understood exactly zero of—down through the clouds of Chicago, snow thick on the ground.

Somehow, eventually he’d have to actually be able to take the sleigh apart and put it back together, or so Edmund had told him, but he’d been given a pass since it was just his first year. Aidan wasn’t particularly looking forward to it.

Invisibility was one of the elves’ greatest strengths, and their camouflaging magic helped keep the sleigh under wraps. It was the one thing the North Pole and the Tír na nÓg elves had in common: they were really good at making things disappear.

Still, you had to be careful, as Edmund had lectured Aidan about a dozen times. The sleigh might be invisible, but if they landed in a snowbank, the tracks would show. And if anyone ever bumped into it, the invisibility would fade, abruptly, exposing their secrets to humans.

AKA The Worst Thing Ever.

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Enter the Giveaway:

To celebrate the release of Merry Elf-ing Christmas, Beth's giving you a chance to win:

  • a $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • A signed paperback of Merry Elf-ing Christmas (US Winner)
  • e-copy of Merry Elf-ing Christmas (International Winner)!

Enter through the rafflecopter below!

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 About the Author:

A lifelong Pacific Northwester, Beth Bolden has just recently moved to North Carolina with her supportive husband. Beth still believes in Keeping Portland Weird, and intends to be just as weird in Raleigh.

Beth has been writing practically since she learned the alphabet. Unfortunately, her first foray into novel writing, titled Big Bear with Sparkly Earrings, wasn’t a bestseller, but hope springs eternal. She’s published twenty-three novels and seven novellas.

Connect with Beth:

Blog/Website | Facebook | Twitter | BookBub

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A No-Strings Noel by Annabelle Jacobs - Release Blitz with Giveaway


Cover Design: Natasha Snow

Length: 54,000 words approx.

A week of no-strings fun in a winter wonderland setting. No consequences, no expectations, no hurt feelings. Right?


Finding his boyfriend in a compromising position leaves him with a week off work and no holiday to go on.
A night of vodka, ice cream, and his sister’s sympathetic ear is the only way to deal with it.
It’s also how he finds himself on holiday alone a few weeks later, at an English holiday village in the countryside, surrounded by Christmas cheer and happy families.

He’s expecting a week of relaxing days and early nights, doing his own thing, and taking some time for himself. And hopefully finding some festive spirit along the way, because it’s sorely lacking at the moment.

What he’s not expecting is Dom.


Coming to somewhere so familiar soothes his broken heart after yet another failed attempt at finding someone to settle down with. He’s ready. They never are.

Seeing a lost-looking stranger on the first day of his holiday triggers his protective instincts, so he steps in to give him some helpful advice.
Who knew that advice would mean they end up spending the day and then the whole week together? But he figures a holiday fling is exactly what he needs to get through this slump: no expectations, no misunderstandings, no heartbreak.
Or that was the plan.
He knows Henry wants more, but he doesn’t trust himself where his heart’s concerned.
He doesn’t trust Henry not to break it.

A Christmas MM romance featuring a meet-cute, a sexy holiday fling, a meddling but awesome sister, a teeny bit of angst, and a festive HEA.

Annabelle Jacobs lives in the South West of England with three rowdy children, and two cats. An avid reader of fantasy herself for many years, Annabelle now spends her days writing her own stories. They're usually either fantasy or paranormal fiction, because she loves building worlds filled with magical creatures, and creating stories full of action and adventure. Her characters may have a tough time of it—fighting enemies and adversity—but they always find love in the end.

Twitter – https://twitter.com/AJacobs_fiction
Website – www.annabellejacobs.com
Email – ajacobsfiction@gmail.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ajacobsfiction 

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The Fires of Daytime by Drea Roman - Release Blitz with Excerpt and Giveaway


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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
The Fires of Daytime
by Drea Roman


A Valewood Novel, Book 10

Worlds collide, sparks fly, and these new mates will have to use all the wits the gods gave them to survive the fires of daytime.

Just because Calvin Carter plays an omega on the long-running soap opera, The Blazing Inferno, doesn't mean he is one in real life. Right?

Daytime drama spills from the sound stage into Calvin's life when he is rescued by a hunky fireman who claims, in his deep, sexy voice, that the human is his mate. And that was just on Monday!

Having arrived in Valleywood the day before, Xander hasn't even explored the magical movie making city, when a fire on the set of a studio lot leads him to the rescue of his fated mate.

When Calvin's precocious costar is kidnapped for real, he and Xander are going to need some magical help to save the day.

Join Xander, the hunky fireman with the deep voice, and Calvin, the plucky soap star, as their lives turn into the sweeps week from hell. Will they crash and burn? Or light up the Valleywood skies in a blaze of glory and soap opera magic?

The Fires of Daytime is book ten of the brand new Valleywood series, where magic and the silver screen unite.

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Xander: A Fireman to the Rescue

            “So that’s pretty much it for the station tour, Xander.  Got any questions?”

            I shake my head and smile, holding out my hand to shake Ronald’s.  The outgoing station chief has made my transition into my new position as painless as possible.  “Not that I can think of right now, Captain.”

            The older Irishman winks at me and slaps me on the back instead of taking my head.  “None of that formality crap around here, son.  Anyway, I’m not the captain or the fire chief here anymore.  You are.”

            I nod, my horse prancing proudly inside my mind.  It was his idea, after all, so he ought to be proud of himself.  Without his insistence that we needed to change to our perfectly organized life, I would still be back at the Vale Valley Fire Station with my friends and family.  My human heart pangs at the distance from home, but my stallion shakes it off with a snort that comes out of my human mouth as a laugh.

            “Quite right.  That’s going to take some getting used to, I’m sure.”

            Ronald chuckles and gives me another hearty slap on the back.  Before he can say another word, the station siren screams, the initial blast followed by three short peals. 

            The old chief snaps into motion and I follow him as he jumps on the pole in the middle of the second floor and slides down to the first.  As soon as my feet hit the floor, Ronald throws a jacket at me.  “Nothing like a rager to break you in on your first day.”

            “What do the three extra bells mean?” I ask as I shove on fire pants, kick off my cowboy boots, and jam my socked feet into a random pair of fire boots I am pleasantly surprised to find actually fit.   

            “All hands on-deck.”

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Enter the Giveaway:

To celebrate the release of The Fires of Daytime, Drea is giving away a $5 Amazon Voucher!
Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

A Rafflecopter Giveaway

Direct Link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/cc0f2a57354/?

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About Drea:

Drea Roman is an overeducated lady with cats, a ferret, lizards, a fiancé, a sister, and a wonderful village of likeminded friends, authors, and artists. All of this coupled with too many day jobs makes Drea a ridiculously busy woman.

Connect with Drea:
Facebook Group-Drea's Dirty Divas
FB Author Page
Amazon Author Page
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It's Complicated by Kindle Alexander - Cover Reveal


Kindle Alexander has revealed
the cover for It's Complicated!

Releasing December 7, 2021

Nightclub manager Julian Cullen runs Reservations with impeccable precision and a deep sense of pride. But repressed memories from his abduction two years ago surface, leaving him struggling emotionally. Julian vows to reclaim his previous life but doesn't factor in the biggest distraction of all: the handsome cowboy hanging around the club intent on gaining his attention.
Entrepreneur Beckett St. Clair built an industry-leading survivalist training company through hard work and dedication. The tough as nails outdoorsman can navigate any situation or so he thinks...A chance encounter with a guarded night club manager leaves him tumbling head over heels into uncharted territory.
One man is lost to his past, the other dreams of a future.
Both men will soon find out love is never easy...it's complicated.

Cover Designer: Reese Dante

Preorder your copy today on Amazon! 

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3EBlWcl

Meet Kindle Alexander

Amazon international number one bestselling and award-winning author, Kindle Alexander is an innovative writer who writes contemporary gay romance. Happily married with too many children and dogs, living in the suburbs of Dallas.

Usually I try for funny. Humor is an important part of my life - I love to laugh, and it seems to be the thing I do in most situations - regardless of the situation, but jokes can be a tricky deal. I don't want to offend anyone, and humor tends to offend. So instead, I'm going to tell you about Kindle.

I tragically lost my sixteen-year-old daughter to a drunk driver. She had just been home. It was early in the night and I heard the accident happen. I'll never forget that moment. The sirens were immediate and something inside me just knew. I left my house, drove straight to the accident on nothing more than instinct. I got to be there when my little girl died - weirdly, I consider that a true gift from above. She didn't have to be alone.

That time in my life was terrible. It's everything you imagine times about a billion. I love that kid. I loved being her mother and I loved watching her grow into this incredibly beautiful person, both inside and out. She was such a gift to me. To have her ripped away so suddenly broke me.

Her name was Kindle. Honest to goodness - it was her name and she died a few weeks before Amazon announced their brand new ereader. She had no idea the Kindle was coming and she would have finally gotten her name on something! Try finding a ruler with the name Kindle on it...Never happened.

Through the course of that crippling event, I was lucky enough to know my writing partner. I would have never gotten through those dark days without her unwavering support and guidance. There wasn't a time she wasn't there for me. For the first time, I used the hand offered. I know without question I wouldn't be here today without her. It takes a special person to stand beside someone at a time like that. I will love her forever. I could go on and on about the both of them, but I won't and now you know a little more About Us.
Connect with Kindle
Website | www.kindlealexander.com
Goodreads | https://bit.ly/3ojhrgn
Amazon | https://amzn.to/2ZRq0pY
Facebook | https://bit.ly/3bMGPVU
Facebook Group | https://bit.ly/3EOnkZr
Instagram | https://bit.ly/2ZUEFRP
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Newsletter | https://bit.ly/2ZXqSsZ

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The Best Gift by Eli Easton - Release Tour with Excerpt and Giveaway


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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
The Best Gift
By Eli Easton


With help from a Christmas miracle, two bruised hearts find joy again.

Greg Cabot is the third generation to run Cabot’s Christmas Wonderland and tree farm in rural Vermont. But this year will be his last. Since the death of his son, Sam, in Afghanistan, Greg no longer has the heart to run a business based on holiday cheer. When he picks up a hitchhiking soldier on a snowy night, he finds the help he needs to get his farm through the holidays—and maybe much more.

Sergeant Robbie Sparks doesn’t have much to be thankful for this holiday season. Badly wounded in Afghanistan, he’s spent the last eight months in recovery and was discharged after ten years of service. When fate lands him at Cabot’s tree farm, he feels like he’s fallen into a snow globe reality. Friendly people, gorgeous trees, lots of Christmas kitsch… and Greg Cabot.

Greg believes he’s too heartbroken for romance, but those we love never truly leave us. A little nudge from heaven may help build a bridge for these two men trying to heal. If only they are willing to take that first step.

This stand-alone, long novella is a small town, Christmas cornucopia, May-December, hurt/comfort , ex-military romance stuffed full of family and holiday feels.

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IG of One Trick Pony Promos



December 1, 2017


“Oh Come All Ye Faithful,” the one with the glorious trumpets, was playing over the PA system when I looked around for the next customer. There wasn't one. I couldn't believe it at first, walking from the baler, where I netted Christmas trees, down a row of Scotch pine, Douglas fir, and Norway spruce, and back around to the central clearing and the Cabot's Christmas Wonderland store. But the crowds had cleared out. Only a few customers lingered among the rows.

Something wet landed on my cheek. They were numb from being outdoors all day, but I felt the damp. I glanced up. Fat flakes floated down from the late afternoon sky like a million tiny parachutes.

I smiled at the sight and, for just a moment, indulged myself, continuing to stare up at the leaden pink sky and the descending slow-motion avalanche.

"It wasn't supposed to snow."

I looked down to see Tori standing next to me, hands on her hips, face tilted up. Her shiny black hair, which fell straight to her shoulders, collected snowflakes like the fur of a black cat. Her short, plump figure was clad in a black puffer coat and, over it, a red and green Cabot's apron.

"Sure wasn't in the forecast," I agreed.

"And this ain't no light stuff. These goose feathers'll pile up fast."

"Yup." A thought occurred to me. "Damn it. I was gonna make a trip to the bank today."

"Well you'd best go and do it before the roads get bad."

"I can't leave you and Roscoe and Lucy here alone. What if there's another rush?"

Tori gave me a look. "It's a Friday, and it's only December first. No one's desperate enough to come out in this weather. It's already cleared out, in case you haven't noticed."

I looked around again. She was right. The parking lot only had a few cars in it. How long had it been snowing, and I'd not even noticed? I glanced down. The ground under my feet had a good inch already.

Since Sam's death, last February, I lost things sometimes. Long minutes. Whole hours. I'd been netting trees and carrying them out to cars on autopilot for God knew how long. A wave of guilt swamped me. Had I even said two words to my customers? They didn't come all the way to Cabot's, home of holiday cheer, to be served by a morose robot.

Tori laid a hand on my arm and spoke gently. "Do the bank run, boss. Me and Roscoe and Lucy'll be fine."

"Okay," I said, because my chest was tight, and I suddenly wanted to get out of there so I could breathe. But the thing about escaping was, I always had to come back. All roads led to Cabot's for me. At least for now. "Hey, if it's still snowing like this by the time I get back, we'll close early so you guys can get home."

"Sure, boss. I'll start tidying up."

I went into the store. There were only two customers browsing the ornaments, lights, wreaths, and other assorted Christmas paraphernalia. I greeted Roscoe, a good man in his 40s who’d worked for Cabot’s for twenty years. His sweet smile and eagerness to please more than made up for his intellectual disability. He ran the till in the store every day we were open and loved to tell customers about the different ornaments we carried.

"Did you see it's snowing, Greg?" Roscoe asked me, looking between me and windows at the front of the store.

"I sure did. Heavy too. I'm gonna run to the bank, and then maybe we'll close early."

"'Cause the roads get bad when it snows a lot. And it's not good to drive on 'em."

"That's right. I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Okay! Watch out for the snow."

"You know to call me if you need any help, right?" I reminded him.

"Your number is in my phone. But you shouldn't talk on the phone when you're driving, Greg."

I gave Roscoe a little smile. "I promise I'll pull over. Just let me know if you run into any problems."

I knew they wouldn't. Tori and Roscoe were both as dependable as the sunrise in Vermont, the leaves in the fall, or the snow in the wintertime. But, like my father and grandfather before me, it was in my nature to worry about Cabot's. Though soon, it wouldn't be any longer.

The thought sent icy prickles through my blood as I took off my Cabot's apron and hung it up in the employee's kitchen, grabbed the past few days receipts from the small office safe, then left through the side door.

Fresh snow, marred only by my boots, was already thick on the long sidewalk that went around a stand of American Holly to the house, and on the cement steps to the side entry. The way was so familiar—trodden a million times in the course of my forty-three years—that I knew every crack and bump even when it was buried in white.

Inside the house, I turned up the heat. It would be nice to come back to a warm house. I thought about changing from my sheepskin-lined wool work coat, which was always dotted with pine needles and tree sap, but decided against it. I didn't care how I looked, hadn't bothered to cut my shoulder-length dark hair in over a year, and the beard I'd let grow rampant was more about depression than fashion. I just brushed sawdust off my jeans in the mud room and stomped snow off my boots as best I could. Then I went through the kitchen, grabbing my keys, and down the hall to the front door.

I opened it and froze. On the braided doormat, safe under the porch overhang, was a package. The postman must have dropped it off, but I couldn't think of anything I'd ordered. I bent to pick it up, then sucked in a sharp breath. The package was the size of a large book, wrapped in plain brown paper. My name and address was written on the front in a familiar hand.

The pain struck so hard I bent all the way over and laid a hand on the porch floor to keep from falling. I squeezed my eyes shut and took deep breaths. I was still learning the contours of this grief for Sam. I'd grieved when my grandparents died, and then my parents. But the grief of losing my only child was a monstrous thing. Even ten months on, it lurked like a malevolent bird, never far away, and swooped in to tear into my guts or heart when I least expected it.

Pull it together. Sam wouldn't want this.

A low moan sounded from somewhere, probably me, and I steeled myself. I opened my eyes and picked up the package. It was from Sam. Why had it taken so long to arrive? But mail was strange, especially when it involved the military. Maybe it had gotten lost. Maybe Sam had addressed it, and it had been mislaid and never mailed until someone found it recently and sent it. Anything was possible.


Enter the Giveaway:

To celebrate the release of The Best Gift, Eli's giving you a chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

Enter through the rafflecopter below!

A Rafflecopter Giveaway

Direct Link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/cc0f2a57350/?

IG Sized TBG Tagline 2


About the Author:

Coming from a background in computer game design, Eli has written over 50 books in m/m romance since 2013. The Mating of Michael (2014) and A Second Harvest (2016) both won The William Neale Award for Best Gay Contemporary Romance, and Eli’s books have won many awards from the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s Reader’s Choice Awards. She is best known for her Christmas romances, the Howl at the Moon series of rom coms featuring dog shifters, and the Nerds Vs Jocks series, co-written with Tara Lain.

Connect with Eli:
Facebook: Eli Easton
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/164054884188096
Twitter: @elieaston


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Breath of Life by Jocelynn Drake - Release Blitz with Excerpt and Giveaway


BOL Banner RB

Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Breath Of Life
By Jocelynn Drake


The Godstone Saga, Book 2

Caelan wants his throne back.

The bargain has been struck, and it’s time to return home.

But the situation is worse in Erya than he previously suspected.

Now he has to fight for his birthright, and maybe get a little revenge in the process.

Breath of Life is the second book in the six-book Godstone Saga fantasy series and is not a standalone. The story contains explosions, gods with secret plans, hidden romance, a prince set on revenge, magic, and lots of delicious angst.

Universal Link

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BOL Teaser 2

BOL Teaser 3

Special Release Excerpt:

“Rayne, does it ever stop being exhausting?” Caelan asked quietly.

His advisor kept his eyes moving around the area, searching for attackers, but he tilted his head at Caelan to indicate that he was listening. “What’s that?”

“Wondering if you can trust someone.”

“I learned long ago to work under the assumption that no one is trustworthy until you understand exactly what they want most in life.” He paused and the hint of a smile lightened his expression. “However, the exhaustion fades when you surround yourself with the few people you can trust without question. Lean on them and let them protect you.”

“We’ve got you, Cael,” Drayce added.

The next breath was easier, and so was the one after that. They had his back both figuratively and literally. Their goal was the same—the protection and salvation of Erya.

Eno turned toward them and nodded. Drayce started first, a gun in one hand. As they reached Tomas, the Royal Guard nodded briefly and led them down another street and through the side entrance of a small warehouse. Caelan thought he caught a glimpse of some armed men on the rooftops, watching the street, but they were past them too fast to get a good count.

Stepping inside, Caelan nearly tripped at the sight of at least fifty men and women spread around the open space. Their clothes were worn, dirty, and ragged. Too many of them looked painfully thin, their faces too gaunt. Soldiers and citizens left to fight for their homes on too little food. Caelan needed to fix this now.

“Your Majesty,” Tomas said, jerking Caelan’s gaze to him. The old soldier had dropped to one knee, his right hand pressed to his chest over his heart, and his head bowed. “My life for Erya. My blood for the crown. My soul for the Godstone.”

A wave crashed through the room as every man and woman dropped to a knee and repeated the vow. It was the same vow every soldier gave when they entered the Royal Guard. They lived it. As long as they were a Royal Guard, they were expected to give everything to the protection of Erya, the crown, and the Godstone. It was why none of them dared to marry until after they retired from service. They allowed nothing to come between them and the vow.

Caelan was left shaken to his very core. It was as if all the air had been sucked from the room and a thousand-pound weight had settled on his shoulders. This was what it meant to be king. Their lives were in his hands. From this day forward, his every decision would impact whether these people lived or died. He vowed that he would never take that responsibility lightly.

Placing a hand on Tomas’s shoulder, Caelan squeezed it and fought for air so he could finally say, “Rise, Captain Tomas Soto. Erya accepts your life. The crown cherishes your blood. The Goddess blesses your soul.”

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The Godstone Saga, Book 1

Everything Caelan knows about his world is a lie.

A war is brewing. As the crown prince of Erya, it’s only natural that Caelan is sent on a secret diplomatic mission to support one of the kingdom’s allies. With his advisor, his bodyguard, and his best friend as traveling companions, what could go wrong?


Everything goes wrong.

Now they are on the run, dodging assassins, setting secret meetings, and even making deals with a sleeping god.

So, this is probably a really bad time to cave to feelings he’s been fighting for his best friend. But Drayce has owned his heart for more years than he can count and if he’s going to die, shouldn’t he have just one kiss?

The fate of the world is on the line, and only Caelan holds the power to save them all.

Steal the Wind is the first book in the six-book Godstone Saga fantasy series and is not a standalone. The story contains explosions, secrets, cranky gods, hidden romance, a prince on the run, a possessive ex-boyfriend, magic, and lots of delicious angst.

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Jocelynn Drake

About the Author:

New York Times Bestselling author Jocelynn Drake loves a good story, whether she is reading it or writing one of her own. Over the years, her stories have allowed her to explore space, talk to dragons, dodge bullets with assassins, hang with vampires, and fall in love again and again.

This former Kentucky girl has moved up, down, and across the U.S. with her husband. Recently, they’ve settled near the Rockies.

When she is not hammering away at her keyboard, she can be found walking her dog Ace or playing video games. She loves Bruce Wayne, Ezio Auditore, travel, tattoos, explosions, and fast cars.

She is the author of the urban fantasy series: The Dark Days series and the Asylum Tales. She recently completed a gay romantic suspense series called The Exit Strategy about two assassins falling in love and trying to create a life together as well as a paranormal romance series following a family of vampires called the Lords of Discord.

Connect with Jocelynn:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jocelynn.drake/
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Friday, November 12, 2021

Take You There by Willa Okati - Release Blitz with Excerpt and Giveaway


Title: Take You There

Series: Second Chance Omegas #4

Author: Willa Okati

Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC

Release Date: November 12, 2021

Heat Level: 4 - Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 103 pages

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, New Adult, Mpreg, Action Adventure, Second Chance Romance, Gay, Single Parents/Pregnancy, Medical Romance, Urban Fantasy, paranormal romance

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Thoughtful, quiet, and just a wee bit on the dryly sarcastic side, Ethan teaches music at the university in Second Chance. With barely enough time to breathe between hysterical students and faculty shenanigans, he’s not looking for Mr. Right -- just Mr. Right Now -- and only when the moment calls for it. The beautiful man who calls himself “Blue” in a quick, dirty alley encounter should have satisfied him. But now Ethan can’t get Blue out of his mind, and can’t seem to stop looking for him.

Carter --”Blue” when he wants to stay anonymous -- wears his scars on the inside, but they’re deep and still bleeding. He doesn’t venture far outside his antique & pawn shop unless he’s desperate for someone to touch and hold him and make him feel good for a little while. He promised himself he would never want more again. The smoldering musician who caught his eye, and what they did in the alley, should have been enough. That should have been the end of it.

It wasn’t. It isn’t. Their encounter left him pregnant, and he’s been frozen since then, not knowing how to break free of his shell or what he should do. Until Ethan finds him -- and then, everything changes. Again.

Author’s Note: Also featuring Oscar, everybody’s favorite sarcastic best friend. We all need an Oscar in our lives.


Take You There (Second Chance Omegas 4)
Willa Okati
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2021 Willa Okati

Was there a place like this in Second Chance?

Of course there was. Carter’s lips curved wryly around the rim of the highball glass he held to his lips. There was always a place like this no matter where you went. It just depended on whether who you asked knew what you wanted. And if you wanted a bar that didn’t serve chicken wings but did pour good beer and better tequila and top-shelf vodka, you wanted the bar called Speakeasy, just off Main Street. You could only get in through the back door and only if you knew where and how to knock, but once you did…

It wasn’t a place where everyone knew your name, but for most people there, that wasn’t even close to the point and sometimes --

Carter kept to himself when he could, lived silently and solitary, and he’d chosen that kind of life on purpose. It was better that way. Safer. He could watch his twelve and his six, and he could walk away from anything before it overwhelmed him. But sometimes --

Sometimes, he needed this.

Tucked quietly and carefully in one corner of the room, he kept the rim of a glass of tequila at his mouth, but only for show; he’d already sipped his way through two shots. Enough to work the tension out of his knotted muscles, but not so much that he’d do something he’d regret in the morning. Or if he did, to know it’d been worth it.

Carter’s hand spasmed around his glass, remembering it all too keenly, and knew he’d keep remembering until --

He should have turned the radio at his antique-slash-junk shop workbench off as soon as the first broadcast about the quarry disaster came through, but it’d caught him before he could switch the app off and he’d been lost. Drowning in it. He’d spent the day ignoring a workbench full of things that needed repairing, fixated on the steady voice of the broadcaster droning on and on and on with the lists of missing, injured, dead. On and on and on. Heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak, and he’d felt them all. Even now he could feel the echoes in his chest, cracking with each one --

He knew better.

Carter rubbed the heel of his palm against his eyes. He’d always been like that, ever since he was a kid. Too sensitive, even if he’s probably going to be an Omega, they’d said. Strange, even for someone with -- you know -- his kind of bloodline, and everyone knows how they are.


He’d taken that to heart too. He’d learned how to turn himself off -- but too well. Even if he hadn’t intended it, he’d gone too far in the other direction. Unless he was as careful as careful could be and didn’t slip up as he had with the radio, it took him so long to warm up to people and let them in that it turned them off, made them look at him oddly and give him a wide berth.

What’d happened today at the quarry wasn’t about him. Carter knew that.

But if he ever wanted to sleep again, he needed this.

Carter tilted his head back and gulped, letting the whole shot burn its way down his throat. He came up breathless, but -- better. Much better, even if it left him gasping and with his heart pounding. He lightly thumped the heel of his shoe on wooden floorboards worn smooth from years of others doing the same. The owner, who set the playlists every night, had a sense of occasion. No wailing jazz or mournful blues tonight. Just hard, driving beats that made a man want to shout, stomp his boots, pump his fists to the sky.

To dance, and --

To erase everything except feeling good for a little while. To fuck.

Fuck, no playing around, no sugarcoating it. A soundtrack like this demanded hard kisses and hands on harder bodies from anyone who was willing, who was able, and who was old enough to know better but still didn’t give a damn.

But who?

Carter ran a finger around the rim of his glass as he searched the room and sorted through his options. The locals all knew him here. He had to do his hunting among the new-to-town men, but there were plenty. Firemen and rescue crews who’d done their jobs and been turned loose to celebrate, for one. Graduate students, a whole crop of them.

A few who weren’t nearly so easy to pin down. Those were the ones he wanted. Carter wanted that, to chase after the distraction they provided.

Or to be chased, instead. That was new.

Carter could feel one of them watching him. Staring at him. He wasn’t sure how long the man had been looking. He might have started while Carter emptied his glass and had his throat on display; that would have piqued any Alpha’s interest. Slowly, slowly, he swept the room, searching.


There. Someone he’d never seen before. An Alpha in a dark green shirt, well-worn jeans that hugged his ass, and scuffed leather boots. Long hair pulled up in a messy knot -- to hell with fashion for this guy, he clearly liked what he liked and he liked his man-bun -- and a feral grin. Lean as a lone wolf in early spring but lined with lean muscle and blessed with a sense of rhythm. He’d probably had just as many drinks as Carter, or more, but he could still keep up with the beat, swinging his hips and raising his hands to the roof.

When Carter met his hot, interested stare, the Alpha raised an eyebrow in both dare and invitation.

Yes. That. Him.


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Meet the Author

Willa Okati (AKA Will) is made of many things: imagination, coffee, stray cat hairs, daydreams, more coffee, kitchen experimentation, a passion for winter weather, a little more coffee, a whole lot of flowering plants and a lifelong love of storytelling. Will's definitely one of the quiet ones you have to watch out for, though he -- not she anymore -- is a lot less quiet these days.

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