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Heart Beats by Davidson King - Blog Tour with Guest Post, Excerpt and Giveaway

Heart Beats

Joker’s Sin Book 3

Davidson King 

M/M Romance 

Release Date: 11.27.20


Their love story isn’t easy.

Every night Ledger stands on the stage of Joker’s Sin, the most popular gay nightclub in Haven Hart, mixing music. Many of the people who come through the doors want his attention, but lately he’s only had eyes for the red-headed bartender, Shane. When Ledger is invited to be on a panel at DJ Con, he asks for support from his friends at Joker’s Sin. To his surprise, Shane shows up. 

For Shane, Ledger is everything he’s ever been attracted to in a person. They’ve danced around each other for a while, but finally getting to know the intense DJ one-on-one, he realizes there’s even more to Ledger than he ever knew.

Then craziness ensues. Someone sets their sights on Ledger, determined to make him theirs, and he and Shane find themselves fighting for their lives instead of living it. Whoever is behind this will stop at nothing to get Ledger in their arms.

With people getting hurt and dying around Ledger, can he keep the one man he’s just finally admitted he wants from a murderous fate, or will someone’s crazed obsession end it all? 

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The doors opened and I was about to say something when I heard a roar. I jolted, hitting my back against the elevator wall.

Ledger started laughing. “I forgot to tell you about Lion.”

My eyes widened. “You have a fucking lion?”

Ledger was laughing so hard he had to put his boxes down. “No, Lion is my pet. Come on, I’ll introduce you.”

I didn’t move at first. Ledger looked over his shoulder and cocked a brow as if to say, “Move it.” Slowly, I stepped forward into his living space. It was a huge open plan for sure, but I had trouble focusing on the design because every sound made me feel like something was going to jump out at me.

Once I got my heart to stop trying to beat out of my chest, and nothing tried to murder me, I took in the place. It was vast, the living room and kitchen one big area. The walls were painted slate gray and white throughout the entire area. As I moved farther in, I saw a wall that blocked off the huge space and assumed Ledger’s bedroom was there. When Ledger opened the mysterious door, I heard the roar again.

“Yeah, no. I’ll stay here,” I said.

He shrugged and went through the door. I stood there, waiting for screams. My imagination was picturing a large cat mauling Ledger to pieces. Maybe I should’ve run to the elevator—self-preservation and all.

“How’s my fierce baby?” Ledger was talking in baby tones, and I wondered what was wrong with him, but still, I didn’t move. “Come here. I want to introduce you to someone.”

I was about to shout to tell him not to bother when I heard another voice. “Friend or foe?” What the hell?


When Ledger stepped out I saw a bird…on his shoulder. A flipping bird. It was gray mostly, with white around its eyes. I spotted some red below and I figured that was his tail.

“Shane, this is Lion, Lion, I’d like you to meet Shane.”

Author's Guest Post
A Different Kind of Writing Year

2020 has been a struggle for so many people. I’ve had my children home since the end of February of this year. Which means, the wonderful writing schedule I had made for myself got flushed down the toilet. My husband and I chose to do distance learning and I have zero regrets about it. My kids are safe, and that’s peace of mind. But, my writing… Yeah, it’s been a challenge.

I did fairly well with releases this year but I didn’t reach my goal. Every book I release I want it to be the best I have in me. It must come from the heart. It’s difficult however when the news around the world, and turmoil in your own country feels like it’s sucking the creativity right out of you. I had to wait many times for the spark to ignite when it came to my writing and 2020 often threw water on that spark before it became anything.

Joker’s Sin, this series, will forever be a testament to this year for me. Three of the four books in this series released this year and it many ways saved me. Often it challenged me too. But, when I would get into it, when the voices screamed and typed them down as quickly as I could, there was a peace. The chaos of the world didn’t exist, just the imaginary one I was building.

It has been a different kind of writing year for me, for many authors. I see their vocal struggles all over social media and empathize greatly with each and every one of them. I can close my eyes on December 31st, and know I survived it. Know I did my very best to be the best I could be as an author and a person. What more can any of us do than be the best person we can be.

About the author

Davidson King, always had a hope that someday her daydreams would become real-life stories. As a child, you would often find her in her own world, thinking up the most insane situations. It may have taken her awhile, but she made her dream come true with her first published work, Snow Falling.

She managed to wrangle herself a husband who matched her crazy and they hatched three wonderful children.

If you were to ask her what gave her the courage to finally publish, she'd tell you it was her amazing family and friends. Support is vital in all things and when you're afraid of your dreams, it will be your cheering section that will lift you up.



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