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Chestnuts Roasting Anthology - Blog Tour with special content from Silvia Violet

Book Name: Chestnuts Roasting Anthology
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Author Name: Toni Griffin, Angel Martinez, Silvia Violet, Freddy MacKay
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books, LLC
Cover Artist: Catherine Dair

Christmas means different things to everyone, but most often it’s all about pulling loved ones close and brightening the gloom. The fire’s crackling. The snow is piling up outside, even if it's only in your dreams. Time to snuggle up with some cocoa and some stories carefully crafted by the Mischief Corner Crew to warm hearts and cockles.

Wreath of Fire: Smokey Mountains Bears 2 - Toni Griffin
Michael's trying to start a new life away from his abusive father, but he's drifting and not sure what he wants. When he accidentally starts a kitchen fire, the hot new fireman who comes to the rescue is not only another bear shifter. He's Michael's mate. Michael desperately needs to get his act together and figure out what he wants if he has any hope of claiming the bear fated to be his.

A Christmas Cactus for the General - Angel Martinez
Exiled to Earth for perhaps the worst failure in Irasolan history, General Teer must assimilate or die. Earth is too warm, too wet, too foreign, but he does the best he can even though human males are loud, childish louts whom he can't imitate successfully. When a grieving seaplane pilot strikes up a strange and uneasy friendship with him, he finds he may have been too quick to judge human males. They are strange to look at, but perhaps not as unbearable as he thought.

Holly Jolly - Silvia Violet
I’m not gay. I just notice men sometimes. Everybody does, right? I notice Dane a lot, like every time I’m near him, but just because I think he’s an attractive man that doesn’t mean I like him, does it?

I’m also not a fan of Christmas. Too many years “celebrating” with my Bible-thumping family ruined the holiday for me. So what if I envy all these cheerful souls dashing about with smiles on their faces? I don’t have to like Christmas, do I? If anyone could get me in the Christmas spirit, it would be Dane with his easy, relaxed manner and his gorgeous smile. If that were going to happen, though, I’d have to find the courage to talk to him and to admit that maybe I don’t know myself all that well after all.

Snow on Spirit Bridge - Freddy MacKay
Alone in Japan, Finni is struggling against the constant distrust, avoidance, and xenophobia he experiences every day. He misses home. He misses his family. Nightmares come all too frequently because of the stress, and well, Christmas is just not Christmas in Japan. Not how he understands it.

Distressed by how miserable Finni is, his roommate, Mamoru, offers to be Finni's family for Christmas. Little does he know how much one agreement would change everything between them, because both of them kept secrets neither ever dreamed were true.

Categories: Contemporary, Fantasy, Humor, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy (Please note: Not all tags refer to the collection of stories.)

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From “Holly Jolly” by Silvia Violet
Dane caught my eye and raised a brow, clearly asking me if he should serve Shelley another drink. I shook my head and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. “You’ve had enough. Let me take you home.”
She pulled away and grinned at Dane. “You’re not going to listen to him, are you? He’s way too much of a killjoy. It’s sad really.”
My face heated. “Shelley, please. Let’s just go.”
“Are you really going to refuse me?” she asked Dane.
“I think you’d do best to listen to your friend.”
She got a wicked look on her face and I braced myself. Even sober she was good at embarrassing me. “Shelley.” I used my best I’m-warning-you tone.
She leaned over the bar. “If you won’t give me tequila, how about giving me your number?” She dug around in her massive purse and finally produced her phone. “What time is it anyway? Surely you need a break, honey. You wanna take a break with me?”
Dane smiled kindly, but I could see he was going to let her down. “That is a lovely offer, but actually—” He looked at me and winked. “—he’s more my type.”
I sucked in my breath and stared, mouth hanging open. I must have looked like an idiot, but his eyes sparkled with heat. My cock started to harden. What the fuck was going on with me?
Shelley punched my arm. “Why don’t you go for it, then? Might loosen you up.”
I stared at her like she’d grown another head.
She laughed loudly, attracting more attention. “I’d be happy to watch.”
What the fuck? “Shelley, you really need to let me take you home.”
She shook her head. “No way. If the shits in management are going to screw me, at least I can take them for all the free tequila I can get.”
“Don’t ruin your career over a couple of asinine comments.”
Dane nodded. “He’s right. Let him take you home or at least somewhere else. You don’t want to do this at work.”
Her eyes filled with tears. “It’s so fucking unfair.”
Dane patted her arm. “I’m sure it is, but screwing yourself won’t make it any better.”
“You’re positive you don’t want to screw me instead?” she asked.
I couldn’t help being embarrassed for her, but the truth was, she was that blunt sober.
“Sorry, darling, and no, I won’t do him in front of you either.”
I choked on the swallow of soda I’d just taken. “Look, I—”
Dane shook his head. “Get her out of here. We can talk later.”
I helped Shelley get to her feet and kept my arm around her so she wouldn’t fall.
“Tom.” It was Dane calling me. I hadn’t realized he knew my name. I turned around, and he handed me a folded napkin. “Later,” he mouthed.
When I had Shelley tucked into the passenger seat of my car, I pulled the napkin out of my pocket and looked at it as I walked toward the driver’s side. His number was scrawled on it with the message “call me.” Oh my God, he actually did want to go out with me. Okay, more realistically, he probably wanted to sleep with me. But I’m not…
Oh really? So why did your cock get hard when he looked at you?

We asked author Silvia Violet what were some of her favorite holiday traditions.
Hi everyone! I’m Silvia Violet, and I’m here representing the Mischief Corner today as we celebrate our Christmas anthology, Chestnuts Roasting, which includes my contemporary story, Holly Jolly. I’m going to share some of my favorite holiday traditions with you. But first I’d like to say that I love Christmas and all its craziness—flashing lights, sugar overload, tacky sweaters, carols sung off key, the Christmas specials I’ve been watching every year since I can remember. So picking only a few traditions I love isn’t easy.

I have many favorite traditions that have been in my family for years but a tradition my husband and I decided to start last year is watching Die Hard the day after we return home from visiting his parents. Bruce Willis, machine guns, eggnog and leftover Christmas treats are a great de-stressor after holiday travel. I’ve worked this tradition into Holly Jolly.

As a kid, my grandmother and I always made sugar cookies with colored sprinkles using Christmas cookie cutters. Now I make them with my kids and often with some of their friends. Every November, my daughters and I make a list of holiday activities we want to be sure to do and cookie making tops the list every year.

Another favorite tradition is going to the Grove Park Inn to view the entrants for the annual gingerbread house contest. Each year we marvel at the intricate creations people come up with, all made with edible materials.

Sometimes we decorate our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, but one thing we always do then is have our first viewing of the year of A Christmas Story. I was so excited when the kids were old enough to introduce them to this movie. Now the whole family can quote extensive segments.

Another tradition I've developed in recent years is writing a Christmas story. This tradition has to start long before the holiday season but that gives me a reason to listen to Christmas carols and possibly make gingerbread cookies and a peppermint mocha. I’m usually very strict about saving holiday music, movies, food, etc for the holidays, so it’s a fun excuse to cheat. Then, during the holidays I get to experience the excitement of readers talking to me about my story. I hope all of you enjoy Chestnuts Roasting and have a wonderful holiday season!

Author Bio:
Mischief Corner Books is an organization of superheroes... no, it's a platinum-album techno-fusion, hold on a sec here...

Ah, yes. Mischief Corner is a diverse group of authors who met on a mountain in Tennessee and decided since we probably were too easily distracted to rule the world that we'd settle for causing a bit of mayhem instead.
In addition to making mayhem, we publish books with a diverse range of genres and topics... we live to break molds.
MCB. Giving voice to LGBTQ fiction.

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