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Strange Addiction by Sandrine Gasq-Dion - Book Tour w/Review and Giveaway

Brock Holloway has it all -- money, friends, a bitchin' car and a promising football career. At least, that's what people see. Inside, though, Brock is fighting for something he knows he can never have: Unconditional love. As the child of Aphrodite, he is worshipped, admired, wanted - but never loved.

Zack Duran is a wolverine shifter -- and not a nice guy. Zack's shifter side is always in control, often making him heartless and unfeeling. When Zack is assigned to guard Brock Holloway, his tactless wolverine tendencies become even more prevalent and Zack has to fight his shifter personality AND his genuine feelings for the beautiful football player.

A near tragedy shakes him to his core, and Zack can no longer fight the feelings he has for Brock. But giving in to his emotions may come at too high a price. A startling secret charges Brock with the nearly impossible task of taming Zack's beast. Is he up to the challenge? Can Zack give him what he needs? And with danger working overtime, can they finally be together as they were intended?

Release Date: November 15th!

4.5 out of 5 stars

How would you feel if there was no one in your life who really knew who you were? Really wanted to be with you just to be with YOU? That's how Brock Holloway feels every day. While he has the appearance of being the man-whore, the party boy who has everything. He's uses sex, random hook-ups to cover up how alone he feels, even surrounded by all his friends. Just once he wants someone to see him, to hold him like they mean it, to kiss him and know that they're kissing him and not the son of Aphrodite. 

Zach Duran is still almost half wild after being experimented on, and locked away for so long. He has almost no social skills, definitely no filter on his thoughts to words, and he's not used to being around so many people all the time. He's also been appointed as Brock's Guardian. But can Zach control himself long enough around Brock to actually be an effective Guardian?  

The relationship that develops between Zach and Brock is there almost from the start. However Zach's inner shifter fights him and every time he feels something for Brock he lashes out at him. Brock ends up thinking that Zach thinks he's a whore and hates him. While it's not an insurmountable task to get Zach's wolverine to accept his emotions and feelings for Brock, it's not easy either. Eventually they figure out that they are attracted to and have serious feelings for the other. Of course this IS an Assassins/Shifters - Twelve Olympians you KNOW that it's just not going to be an easy romp into a relationship. 

Zach and Brock are pretty much perfect for each other. Brock is outgoing, sweet, and eager to find that person to spend the rest of his life with, that actually wants HIM. Zach is not sociable, a grouchy ass, and hasn't ever had a relationship since he was locked up and experimented on. While that all sounds at cross purposes, Brock brings out the best in Zach, in all forms. And Zach gives Brock the stability and solid arms he needs to feel surrounding him. 

This is particularly important because Brock, due to the nature of his abilities, suffers from depression. He doesn't believe anyone wants him, needs him in their lives and it seriously isolates him. His family that raised him, also didn't help this because while they were okay with raising an weird child, they didn't want a GAY weird child. They made sure to share that with him, too. 

I enjoyed watching surly, grumpy Zach turn into protective, loving Zach. Watching Brock soak in all that affection and love, and also acceptance of just being him is wonderful. Holy hot shifter/Olympian sexy times ya'll!! Brock and Zach almost literally burn the up the sheets in Strange Addiction. While yes, there is the fun sexy times, this story isn't just about that or even Brock and Zach's relationship. It's about learning to trust yourself, trusting those around you, and realizing that you can be loved for yourself and not for WHO or WHAT you are. 

Both Brock and Zach are damaged by their pasts and to be able to show those vulnerabilities and become whole again shows great storytelling abilities from the author. As always I loved the newest story but this one left a bigger impact because of the characters vulnerabilities. I look forward to the next books in the series.

Best selling author, Sandrine (Sandy) was born in Inglewood, California. Raised by "Old School" French parents, she later moved to Tucson, AZ. It was there that writing became a hobby. Always told she had a great imagination, Sandy wrote short stories for her friends in High School. In college, she took more writing classes while working on her Criminal Justice degree, but it wasn't until a soap opera caught her eye that she got involved in male on male romances. On the advice of a friend, Sandy dipped her toes into the world of M/M Romance. Sandy takes the writing seriously and has had countless conversations with gay men as well as hours of research. She's been involved with the military in one way or another for over twenty years, and has a great deal of respect for our men in uniform. She's traveled the world, but has finally returned to Arizona.

There is now an Assassin/Shifter website!! Many thanks to the talented Jenn Watts for all her hard work!



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