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Finding Alexander by Pandora Pine - Blog Tour with Author's Guest Post, Excerpt and Giveaway

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Finding Alexander
Pandora Pine
Gay Romance/ Action-Adventure
Release Date: 06.11.19

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Indiana Jones meets Clark Kent in this modern-day treasure hunt.

Archaeologist Cairo Vanderbilt was born to be a treasure hunter, whether he liked it or not. When his famous father dies in search of the tomb of Alexander the Great, Cairo picks up the trail to find the world's most famous lost treasure. Having failed once before, he's determined to find Alexander’s remains and fulfill his family's legacy.

History blogger Dillinger DeCosta has only written about the past from the safety of his South Boston office. After hearing Cairo speak about the coming expedition on the evening news, he wants to join the hunt for Alexander and finally be on the front lines of history-in-the-making. By offering to come along, Dillinger is taking a huge risk, but he's banking on an even bigger reward.

Hot on Alexander’s trail, Cairo and Dillinger discover sparks between them that ignite unexpectedly. One of the men has a secret that may threaten not only the success of the expedition, but their new relationship as well. If they can't find a way past the challenge that lies between them, they might just lose the greatest treasure of all.

Each other.

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When we’d gotten back to the hotel, I’d stomped up to my room like a spoiled child. This is where I’d been for the last two hours. Alone and trying to figure a way out of this mess.

A knock at the connecting door between my room and Dillinger’s startled me out of my pity-party for one. Sighing, I headed to the door, pulling it open. What I saw was a bit of a surprise.

“You missed dinner.”Dillinger breezed past me and into my room, setting the dinner tray he was holding on my table.

I watched in awe as he started pulling lids off the plates. There was no way in hell I deserved this kind of treatment. He’d even brought me dessert.

“I didn’t know what you’d like, so I grabbed a bit of everything.”Dillinger’s intense green stare was boring into me.

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how to react. No one had ever done anything like this for me, not even Memphis when I was sick and miserable.

“You could have at least said thank you.”Dillinger strode back toward the doors connecting our rooms.

Shit…“No, wait.”I took off after him, grabbing his left elbow with more force than I intended. I yanked so hard that Dillinger crashed against my chest. My left arm reached out to steady him, pulling him closer to me in the process. He was warm and solid. It could have been my raging hormones, but holding him felt good, like I was home.

I knew my wistful thoughts were on the money when my body responded to his instantly. My cock was hardening and unless I missed my guess, so was Dillinger’s. This was wrong on so many levels. There was so much I needed to say to the man I was holding in my arms, but the only thought running through my head, on a loop, was. “Kiss him!”

Random facts about Finding Alexander

1 Cairo and Memphis got their names from Egyptian cities, while Dillinger is named after the notorious bank robber, John Dillinger. He insisted that was his name. Magnus introduced himself on a Saturday morning trip to the grocery store.

2 My psychic told me I was going to write a book about Egypt. Was she right or did her prediction inspire this book? Your guess is as good as mine!

3 The subject of the book was inspired by my History Channel-watching father. A show about the missing tomb of Alexander the Great was on television two days after the psychic predicted I’d write a book about Egypt. Coincidence? Nope!

4 Newsman John Jameson is the only crossover from the Cold Case Psychic series. He’s based on a real reporter who works for Boston’s ABC affiliate. Dillinger’s weatherman crush works for the same station.

5 Dillinger stuffing his carry-on bag with a ton of chocolate is all me! I never travel without plane snacks! I always pack my family care packages filled with chocolate when we fly. The key lime chocolate Dillinger shares with Cairo is a real thing. I got it in a welcome package when I checked into a Florida hotel back in March. I haven’t been able to find it in Massachusetts.

6 Alexander the Great was rumored to have favored the company of men. See, not all history is memorizing boring facts about boring people! He had a long-standing relationship with Hephaestion, one of his generals.

7 The Chinese place where Cairo and Dillinger first meet, is based on Kowloon, a hugely popular restaurant on Route 1, in Saugus, Massachusetts. It serves the BEST Chinese food I’ve ever eaten.

8 Cairo and Memphis are physically based on a younger version of Eric Bana. I like to think that as twins, they do their hair differently from each other. Dillinger is based on Arrow actor Colton Haynes. Magnus is based on The Fast and the Furious actor, Paul Walker.

9 Finding Alexander is my first foray into writing in the first person. I think it was worth it. Out of all the characters I’ve written, I learned the most about Cairo and Dillinger from writing them in first person.

10 Memphis will be the star of book two in the Lost Treasures series. The name of the book will be Hunting Blackbeard. Memphis’s main man is a bit tight lipped, but he did reveal his name. Expect to see Memphis Vanderbilt and Tynan Seneca sailing the ocean blue sometime this fall! 


Sick of the slogging rat-race of her 9-5 job, Pandora Pine put pen to paper (literally!) to make her ambition of becoming a romance novelist a reality. She cut her teeth in the dog-eat-dog world of fan fiction, still dreaming of the day when she would be a published author.

In her spare time, Pandora fancies herself an amateur nature photographer. She enjoys mucking around in swamps, hiking through the woods and crawling around on her hands and knees in her backyard seeking out the perfect shot. Pandora is a fan of roadside seafood shacks and always thinks Mexican food is a good idea at the time.

Some of Pandora's favorite things are chocolate, writing longhand with purple pens, and handsome men falling in love with each other.



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