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Killian by TN Tarrant - Blog Tour with Author Q&A, Excerpt and Giveaway

Title: Killian
Series: : Whispers From a Hidden World, Book 1
Author: TN Tarrant
Publisher: MLR Press
Release Date: 26 Oct. 2018
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 76,065
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction

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Regent Killian Larrestes survived a harrowing attack and the betrayal of his family by his mother, and has since worked to help them all recover, learning the complexities of protecting and commanding a large, sprawling Clan.

Shiloh Zahirris is seeking Sanctuary from a marriage he doesn't want when he ends up under the protection of Killian Larrestes. Killian takes him in, and they find themselves falling in love. But will social objections, personal insecurities, and someone seeking revenge destroy their chance at happiness?


His mother, Janet Larrestes, stood up behind her desk, with a surprised look on her face, when he and his father came in. “Killian, what happened? Were you attacked?”

He nodded grimly. “Yes, Senki, I have been, but I fought back well enough to escape Anan.”
“Anan?” Janet’s expression was puzzled. She shook her head. “I don’t understand. Are you saying Anan attacked you?”

Killian nodded as his father put a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Yes, Senki, Anan attacked me. She attempted to rape me, Senki.”

“Surely there must be some mistake, Killian. Anan is your fiancée. This marriage has been arranged for a year now. I thought the two of you liked each other.” Janet sat down again, not even bothering to ask how bad his injuries were.

Killian nodded again. “I thought so, too, Senki. I mean, I liked her. She has always acted properly, even if I haven’t always liked the way she treats me. But this is different. This isn’t a misunderstanding of two people needing to learn how to deal with each other. She tried to rape me. I had to walk home from the park in the square because I wasn’t getting back into that car. Who knows what she would have done then? I had to slash her face with my dagger to get her off of me long enough to get away.” His knee really hurt, but his mother had not given him leave to sit. His father had taken the first aid kit out and had busily began to clean Killian’s face, and carefully removed Killian’s shirt to look at his shoulder.

“Janet, this wound on his shoulder needs stitching,” David Larrestes told his wife softly, as he gently checked the wound. Killian hissed and barely managed not to say every cuss word he knew.

“That can wait until we settle this.” She picked up the phone. “I’m calling Anan here. We’re going to sort this out.”

“Can I at least take the boy to get him cleaned up and dressed properly?” David asked, silently warning his son to be silent. Killian obeyed, giving his mother a respectful look. She was a good woman, but a bit of a martinet.

Janet held her hand up for silence. She spoke briefly on the phone, ordering Anan and her mother to come to the house to sort out this obvious misunderstanding. A cold chill went through Killian as he listened to those words. Surely, his mother believed him, didn’t she?

Janet hung the phone up and looked at her husband and son. “Anan is getting her face stitched up. Apparently, you’ve done some damage to your fiancée.” She spoke sourly.

“Good, maybe she’ll learn that no means no,” Killian said. “There’s no misunderstanding, Senki. On my honor, I promise you. She attempted to rape me. I ran as soon as I was able to get away, and the only way I could make her let me go was to use my dagger.”


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If you could sequester yourself for a week somewhere and just focus on your writing, where would you go and what would the environment be like?

I think I’d have to just stay home in the house… I mean, if I went somewhere else, I’d want to check out the sights, not sit and just write…  Maybe outside in a park? With a full battery and nice weather.

What's the one thing, you can't live without?

Books.  Gotta have books.  Lots and lots of books.

What internet site do you surf to the most?

Probably Youtube and few adult sites.  After all, I’m only one person, I can’t try out everything I might write to see if it’s actually possible… lol.

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three author guests be and why?

OOOHhhh… another hard to prioritize one… I’d love to have been able to talk to Anne McAffrey.  Moreta was one of the first characters I ever read that showed a woman actually taking command and not only was it not weird, it was normal.  It was the sacrifice she made that was extraordinary, not that she, a woman, was a leader. Piers Anthony, if only to look silly asking exactly how much time he spent finding a gazillion puns for Xanth.  And Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Because astrophysics can be fun, even if you don’t understand the math.

When you got your very first manuscript acceptance letter, what was your initial reaction and who was the first person you told?

Stunned shock and the first person I told was my daughter.  Well, actually she got incoherent squealing first, for a few minutes, before she could get intelligible words from me, lol.  And then we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate.  Which, oddly enough, is what I did with my first rejection letter, which came before the first acceptance, from the same publisher. I felt I should celebrate that too, since I’d actually subbed something, even if it didn’t get accepted.  ’Cause guess what?  I subbed several stories at once that first time, and while it may have been rejected at the time… one of those stories is my newest release, Killian, Whispers From a Hidden World, Book 1.

Just because a story isn’t ready yet, doesn’t mean it won’t find its right time and place later.

Meet the Author

TN Tarrant is a hard-working single mom living in the wilds of Wyoming, who enjoys embarrassing her child with bright red lipstick prints to the forehead. When she isn't embarrassing her child, or hunting, killing and dragging groceries home through the snow, she loves to write romantic stories with hot lovers. She suffers from a love of extremely bad jokes and has a tendency to inflict them on innocent bystanders. She has recently been accused of developing an unhealthy yarn addiction, merely because she has bought enough of the stuff to start her own store. She notes that this does not keep her child and others from enjoying the products of that yarn addiction in the form of scarves and blankets. Other issues facing this poor soul are the continuing threats of books and nail polish overtaking the entire household and burying her amongst themselves. We won’t get into her child’s rocks…

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