Friday, July 24, 2020

Standard Candle by GB Lindsey - Blog Tour with Giveaway



Blog Tour & Giveaway:

Standard Candle by G.B. Lindsey


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Denny Wyatt: friend.

Denny, who sleeps in threadbare tees that smell like his cigarettes, who coats his arms in the guts of engines, who kisses like he’s sampling you, scenting you, until you forget that there are things you can’t afford to forget.

Denny Wyatt: with benefits.

It’s not dating. You’ve both done enough of that. You’re both stuck in this town, you’re both going nowhere, but at night, you have each other. It’s sex. It’s an arrangement. It suits you both.

Denny Wyatt: yours.

Tonight, the lie shatters. Denny Wyatt is so much more than friend, than lover, than any one word.

But you’d better speak—better find the words—or he’s gone.

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You and Denny fuck. It’s plain. Simple. A series of one-night stands. Even if you once made love to him by accident, there’s no guarantee he ever did the same to you.

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To celebrate the release of Standard Candle, we're is giving away a complete e-set of G.B.'s published works as well as 5 copies of Standard Candle!

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About the Author:

G. B. Lindsey was born and raised in California. Her first love has always been writing: as a child, she cultivated such diverse goals as becoming "a cowgirl and a writer" or "a paleontologist and a writer."

Aside from her salacious affair with the horror genre, she loves to write sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, and short stories. Other hobbies include playing the piano, voracious reading, the occasional period drama movie night, and devouring scary films. She has a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Newcastle upon Tyne, and now lives with her cat in California.


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