Thursday, July 28, 2016

When a Lioness Snarls by Eve Langlais - Blog Tour with Giveaway

Today we have When a Lioness Snarls by Eve Langlais! I’m excited to share this fantastic new paranormal romance with you. Make sure to check out the excerpt Eve is sharing with us and enter her giveaway!  


  About When a Lioness Snarls:   Stalking is only a crime among humans. In a lioness’s world, it’s called dating. Jeoff, is a bit of a killjoy, a super cute one who gets furry on full moons. But so does she. Luna is everything Jeoff is not. Outrageous, outgoing, and violent. Very violent, and unafraid to go after what she wants—and she wants Jeoff. Silly man, he thinks he can resist, but once a lioness sets her sights on a man, paws off! And if anyone thinks to try and take him… There’s a reason why the ladies of the pride win the yearly award for Baddest Biatches.


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“Would there be any point in asking why exactly we’re both going to be naked in the woods?”

“Because we’re going to check the tigers’ place out in suburbia.”

“I thought you said it was empty.”

“It is, but given the scene is still rather fresh, I want you to check it out, you know, put that nose of yours to use.”

“I don’t have to be naked for that.”

“Well then, your wolf is going to look mighty funny when you’re running through the woods in your tightie-whities.”

He finished slapping his sandwich together. “You know, it’s times like these that I remember why I hate dealing with lions.”

“And yet you stay inside the city and continue working for us.”

“Apparently, I’m a masochist.” He took a bite of his sandwich and groaned.

Hell, she wanted to groan too. The thing was a work of art. A towering beauty set on a crusty Panini bun. She’d watch him build it as they talked, making it look so easy—and delicious. Slathered with butter then lightly toasted on a hot press, the bread crisping as he sliced thin pieces of roast beef, which he then layered on the sandwich with cold bacon slices and dribbles of beef drippings. He also added some cheese on top before placing it back in the hot press. When the cheese bubbled, he slapped it onto a plate, dabbed some fragrant basil mayonnaise on top of the stack, two slices of tomato, some lettuce, and, voilà, a sandwich fit to steal.

Which she did, and immediately took a bite. “Mmm. That is damned good.”

She’d lost count of how many sighs he’d uttered, but he upped the count considerably as he slapped together, in between hot glares, a second sandwich.

When it was finished, he stayed well out of reach. He was safe. The one she’d stolen had hit the spot.

She hopped onto the counter, almost wincing as her bare ass hit the cold granite. “Now that our bellies are full, ready to go on an adventure?”

“I don’t suppose there’s a second option?”

“Don’t be a princess. This will be fun. Unless you really are teeny-weeny, then it might be a little embarrassing for both of us.”

About Eve Langlais:


 ~ New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Hello, my name is Eve and I am a Canadian author who loves to write hot romance, usually with hot shifters, cyborgs or aliens. I should warn you that I possess a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing. I love to write, and while I don't always know what my mind is going to come up with next, I can promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because I love a happily ever after. Thanks so much for coming by and checking me out. If you'd like to know more, read some excerpts or find out what's coming next, then please visit me at Or sign up for my new release email list at Happy reading! Eve Langlais 

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