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A Pirate's Honor by Tricia Owens - Available October 4th, 2016

A Pirate's Honor Info:

M/M Historical Romance
High heat level
27k words
Release date October 4th, currently available for pre-order:


When Jaime takes to the sea, it's not for money or for pleasure: it's for revenge. Leaving his peaceful life on land behind is the only step he can take when his future is brutally destroyed and his heart is shattered.

Captain Gareth West is a feared pirate with a reputation for kidnapping and ransoming men and women. He's also known for bedding them so well that no one has a reason to complain. However, a terrible incident has left him scarred and reluctant to become involved with anyone ever again...until one day he comes upon a shipwreck.

When Jaime's ship is attacked by pirates and he is left for dead, Gareth sees an opportunity to banish the ghosts from his head. He decides to take the young man on board and use him as the prostitute that Jaime pretends to be. But Gareth quickly determines that his attractive captive is not a whore despite his apparent eagerness. Though he responds to Gareth as no lover ever has, there's a fire in him that worries Gareth. Jaime is a dangerous mystery, and Gareth knows it's essential that he learn his secret.

But he's caught off guard when Jaime's secret turns out to be the very nightmare that Gareth is running from.


"You'll sleep like this with me every night," West told him. "I maintain my word that none of my crew will touch you."

"I hope you keep that word," Jaime muttered. He was frustrated by West's hold of his hand. It kept Jaime trapped against him. He tried lightly tugging. "I sleep better on my back."

"Is that so? Then we'll break you of that habit. Let's begin now."

To Jaime's consternation, West released his hand only to roll onto his other side so that he faced Jaime. The pirate grinned playfully. "Hello, sweet. Better this way?"

Jaime scooted back, hating himself for the twitch of his cock now that the other man was near enough for their organs to touch. "No."

He didn't like West's knowing grin. He didn't like how charismatic the man was. If he attacked Jaime it would make everything so much easier and clearer, but West was content to tease and play with him. Jaime hated it. He hated himself.

"You're shy. I like that," West admitted.

"I'm not accustomed to sharing a bed with a notorious pirate captain."

"You flatter my ego. I like that, too." But West's smile wavered a bit, and something haunted and uncertain softened the corners of his eyes. "Been some time since I've heard something sweet."
Jaime wanted to scoff at the obvious lie, but he held his tongue.

"Believe it or not, you're something special," the pirate went on. He reached out and with his forefinger, traced a line down the bridge of Jaime's nose. "You're my treat."

"For good behavior?" Jaime couldn't help the derision that leaked into his voice.

Thankfully West didn't appear to pick up on it. He tapped Jaime lightly on the tip of his nose. "Aye, you're my reward. Turns out even loathsome pirates need something nice in their lives every so often."

Again, a shade of regret, or perhaps self-recrimination, touched West's face. It softened his angles and humanized him. Jaime wished he could unsee it.

Tricia Owens Bio:

Tricia writes m/m romance, ménage, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. An avid traveler, she has visited over 80 countries and now makes her home in Las Vegas.


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