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Passion's Pride by Piper Kay - Release Blitz with Excerpt and Giveaway


Let the Sparks fly” “Sometimes we need to lose ourselves and become invisible to the outside world. It’s the only way I know to find me again and drown out all the negatives.

Title: Passion's Pride
Series: The Passion Series, Book 3
Release Date: May 12, 2017
Publisher: Encompass Ink
Categories: MM, Gay Romance, Gay Erotica

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Ash and Serge, aka Sparky, have always felt a pull to each other, a special connection - a draw that not only tugs at the heart, but at the denims too. Afraid to act upon these feelings and risk ruining their friendship, they fight it until faced with a life-threatening situation. Not once, but twice. Can Ash and Sparky’s relationship withstand these battles they face while slowly crawling through the depths of hell for each other? Or will pride cause them to miss their one real chance at happiness?

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“Let me fuck you, Serge. Please,” he’s asking, but demanding at the same time. I like that.

“Meow.” I purr. “Yessss.”

As much as I don’t want to, I move off of him, and Ash reaches into the nightstand drawer and pulls out a strip of condoms and the lube.

“Oops. They’re all connected together, guess we’ll just have to use them all,” he laughs.

“Guess we’ll have to share them, on each other, that is.” I give him a wicked laugh. 

“You’re scaring me, now.” Ash rips one off the strand of condoms and tries to open it.

“Oh whatever, I am not.”

“Are too. Have you seen that thing of yours, it’s gianormous?”

“What is, my tally-whacker? Oh please, Ash. Flattery will get you everywhere, you sweet talker.”

“I think it’s funny that you think I am joking about it. You might rip me in half, Serge. I can see myself running around the house from you, covering my ass so you don’t pull a sneak attack or something.”

“Oh ma-God. Me be sneaky? Neeeever!” I wink at him.

“Damn, my hands are shaking. See, I’m already nervous.” Ash slaps the unopened condom down in my hand. “I can’t open this damn thing.”

I move it up to my mouth and growl as I rip the wrapper open, then pound on my chest like Tarzan. “There, that’s done. Now who’s it going on?” I ask, because I don’t mind either way, to be honest.

His eyes bulge wide open. “Me, it’s going on me,” Ash pipes up quickly.

I ball my hand into a fist, using it as a microphone and bring it to my mouth. “And the winner of our ‘wrap that rascal’ condom award goes to Ash. The crowd goes wild with applause. Oooooh’s and ahhhhh’s. Here, let me do the honors and award you with this specially made latex, non-reusable and non-refundable, expandable trophy. May you reap all the fringe benefits worth of the beholder,” I laugh.

Ash tries to keep a straight face, but instead, he looks more like a pucker fish wearing a smirk. I know he wants our first time to be all serious and romantic, but me and the word serious sort of have an allergic reaction to one another.



One lucky winner will get an e-copy of Passion's Pride

Friday, May 12 at 7 PM - 9 PM CDT



Piper Kay is your average cup of tea with a splash of southern sass. She was born & raised in Houston, Texas-USA and her skills include pitching a fit and throwing a hissy. She also happens to be an author....with a bi-polar muse...who may or may not have sarcastic tendencies....and/or a potty mouth. Together, they share head space w/the men living in there... her boys with baditude. Piper is an Amazon #1 International Best Selling author of LGBT Erotica, and an Amazon International Bestselling author of LGBT Erotica romance, specifically in the M/M Erotica genre, and LGBT drama. She has been known to genre hop a time or two into YA/NA stories, also M/M. Piper brings her passion of storytelling straight to the pages, most times served with a super-sized sprinkle of sexy, a slice of sarcasm and a carafe of crazy.

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