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Breaking Ties With The Bully by Perci T. Brooks - Spotlight on the Resist and Triumph Anthology


Born with a host of disabilities, Wenxy hasn't let them stop her from achieving her goals in life. She's managed to turn her tragedies in triumphs and be a positive, proud voice for others who may struggle to find their own.

A chance meeting in an online forum late one night finds Wenxy coming to the defense of a timid young woman named Missy who finds herself being cyberbullied. After that, both women bond over life experiences and common interests; an unexpected friendship that stands the test of time and distance.

But Missy begins to make life choices that soon alienate everyone who cares for her. Except for Wenxy. True and loyal, Wenxy begins to find herself bearing the brunt of Missy's growing censure and narcissistic attitude, often reduced to tears by the woman's sharp, stinging jibes. Hesitant to confront Missy, Wenxy lands on the abusive end of consistent cyberbullying and stalking herself from someone she once trusted with all her secrets.

Can she find the courage she needs to break ties with the bully who was once one of her best friends?

Excerpt from Breaking Ties With The Bully:

Wenxy, Yeri, and Chris sit at home in their family room. They talk about everything and nothing, and Wenxy is so relaxed. It's the most carefree she's felt since the mess with Missy. As if conjured by her thoughts, Wenxy's phone buzzes.

Missy: You are a horrible person. How could you treat me like that?

Missy: You only think of yourself. You're not a good friend. You are a bitch.

Missy: I should go there and punch you. You good for nothing cow.

Wenxy has no idea where this is coming from. She hasn't contacted Missy in a week and a half. This is all supposed to be over. Why is Missy suddenly sending her threatening texts? Yeri reads over her shoulder. A picture comes through.

Missy: You see this rifle? I'd be able to shoot you from a distance.

Missy: I thought you cared about me, but all you care about is yourself. Nobody wants you. You might as well just go kill yourself.

"We're going to see a lawyer. Tomorrow. Don't respond to her." Yeri says. Her face is white.

"Why does she hate me?" Wenxy asks.

"She's sick, sis. And she doesn't hate you, she hates herself. Her words do not define you."

Wenxy knows that.

Knowing doesn't make it hurt any less.


Breaking Ties with The Bully was based on true events in my own life.

I had a friend, let's call her "C". "C" and I had been friends for years, we'd met in 1999-2000. We'd met online in fan forum for a wrestler we both admired, Chris Jericho. One day, she was being bullied by other forum members for putting forth an unpopular opinion and I stepped up to try and defend her. After that, we grew close but then life got in the way and we ended up growing apart for a while, losing contact.

Flash forward to the mid 2000's. "C" found me on social media and we picked up right where we left off, almost like no time had passed at all. Little did I know that things between us was about to get skewed and spiral sideways, though. We shared so much, as friends do but after a while I noticed that convo's with "C" were growing dark and negative on her end. She grew confrontational and restless if she felt I wasn't giving her my undivided attention. I had a job, though and when I wasn't working, I was writing or helping out at home. She started to share intimate details, alarming details between herself and her husband, or her family. She would tell me how terrible they all treated her, abusing her physically, emotionally and psychologically. When I would sympathize with her and offer advice, all was well. I didn't see what she was doing.

It took me a while, but I slowly began to realize there were gaps and inconsistences in her stories. She would say one thing, then next time we spoke, she'd change it up. She outright lied a few times to me but I never pursued it because I thought I was being a good friend.

It got to the point, however, inevitably, when I began to see she was manipulating me and when I finally worked up MY courage to confront her about some things, she grew angry. No matter what support or advice I gave her, her reaction was to laugh at me and blow me off. She started to belittle me regularly. She had turned into someone I didn't know. Or maybe I'd just never seen the real her before.

But now, she grew irritated, surly and cruel with me. She began to harass and berate me if I didn't respond to her text messages as quick as she'd like. She began taking the most innocuous statement and twist around, often making me cry and feel as though I was the world's biggest bitch. She even tried contacting my sister and tried to get my sister to take her side and I hadn't even realized there WERE sides! When my sister tried to help her, she got angry and began making threats against her and me. Then she began Jekyll and Hyde-ing with us. One minute, she was sorry and contrite and admitted she had problems she needed therapy for, then the next she was bitter and mean and outright evil with her threats once more.

I finally found the courage to cut her off on all mediums. I stopped responding to her messages and she finally stopped harassing me. But it hurt. It still does.

I wanted to write my story to show that abuse in relationships isn't secular to a love or family relationship. Friends can be abusive, too. 


Perci is a California native who lives with her family, 4 cats & 2 dogs. She’s been writing since a young age & her older sister was the one who noticed her talent. Writing has helped her cope with her being hearing impaired & other medical issues. She’ll write what others won’t touch & has been told she’s ahead of her time, but her family & friends support her. She writes in the areas of young adult, paranormal, romance, LGBT & romance suspense.

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