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Cat Escort by Melissa E Costa - Blog Tour with Excerpt and Giveaway

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Cat Escort
Melissa E. Costa
M/M Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 02.06.20

Novel (2)

Cover Design: Megan Lawson


A night of passion with a Cat Shifter escort becomes everything for a man with poor self-esteem.
To mend his broken heart, Seth purchases a date with a Cat Shifter Escort. The sex was so amazing, it let him forget his pain. Seth never expected to see him again.

Nao couldn’t forget the client who’d cried in his arms, so destroyed from love gone wrong. He wanted nothing more than to help the beautiful, broken man.

Their night was supposed to be a one time thing, but six months later, everything changed when they met again.

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Butterflies fluttered in Seth’s stomach. He planned on meeting his friend, Nat at Punky Brewsters—a bar they loved to frequent. Only this time, Nao would be there, too.
“Whataya think, buddy?” Seth held up his nicest pair of slacks for Bruno’s approval. 
The cat swished his tail in a sharp motion.
“Aw, come on, buddy? You can at least act a little excited?” Seth put on the slacks and tucked in his shirt. “Wait a sec? Too formal?” He freed his shirt, only to tuck it back. “Yeah…too formal.” Quickly, he untucked it again.
Because Seth was Seth, he showed up half an hour early. Nat always hated that, but he was a creature of habit. He hoped he hadn’t put on too much cologne. Sarah used to wrinkle her nose in disgust, claiming he always overdid it. But this time was different. He and Nao had hung out before, but never with Nat present.
What if she didn’t like him? Worse yet, what if she recognized him as the escort she’d set him up with? Maybe she’d think Nao was using him for another trick? 
Maybe that’s true. Maybe Nao is… 
Seth shook his head and tried to stop his spiraling thoughts. 
“Figured my boy would be early.” Nat squeezed his shoulders, and Seth almost choked on his drink. “Hope you didn’t get started?”
“Nah.” He’d never been much of a drinker. “Still on my first one.”
“So, where is this prince charming?”
“Shh…he could be here already. And I told you, we’re just friends.”
“Whatever, babe.” She nodded to the bartender. “Strawberry mojito, please.” 
Seth didn’t recognize the new guy. 
“Gotcha covered, sweetheart.” The new bartender winked at Nat, shaking two fingers like he shot a pistol. Seth inwardly cringed at the cheesy gesture. Bet he thinks that was suave…
Surprisingly, it worked. Nat returned his smirk, her eyes trailing the man’s tattoo sleeves. She took out her cigarettes and scooted a nearby ashtray in front of her.
When the bartender was out of earshot, she said, “He’s kinda cute.”
“Someone’s getting married in a month?”
“Married,” Nat laughed. “Not dead.”
“Hi.” Nao’s voice came from behind them. 
Immediately, Seth swiveled in his seat. Then he jumped up. “Hey, Nao.” He hadn’t intended to hug him, but when Nao initiated, he couldn’t resist. When Nao pulled away, his cologne lingered on Seth’s shirt, the floral-lemon scent he now associated with Nao. If only it would never fade, then he’d feel like he always had Nao in his arms. Seth turned to Nat. “Nat, this is Nao. Nao, Nat.” 
“From Sandy’s housewarming, right?” Nat held out her hand. “She didn’t introduce us.”
“That’s her, always running around.” Nao smiled. “Nice to officially meet you.”
“Likewise. You were at my New Year’s party, too, right?” 
Nao nodded.
A thought sprang up in Seth’s mind. “I never realized how close your names sound,” he interjected. Their names being so similar was quite amusing. They only had one letter difference.
Nao leaned closer to be heard over the heavy thud of the base. “We kinda look alike, too,” he said, full of sass. That wasn’t true. Other than their heights, they didn’t share many commonalities. Nat had nothing on Nao. While she’d always been pretty, it was apparent she’d eventually be a middle-aged woman with weather-worn skin trying to look twenty-five again. Smoking was speeding up her aging process. She had tried and failed to quit. At work, she always looked professional. It was only when she went out that she completely cut loose. Seth loved her to death though, cigarettes and classiness aside. 
“Swiped at birth?” Nat laughed and took a puff of her cigarette, trying to angle it away from them.
“If you're a cat lover?”
“A close second, but dogs for me.” The club lights emphasized Nat’s blonde hair. Her brunette roots had started to show.
Nao pouted playfully. “So much potential, only to lose to a dog…”
“Aww, sorry, kitty cat.” She patted his head with her free hand. “Seth’s a major cat lover, though. You should see him at the clinic. We call him the Cat Whisperer.”
“Oh?” Nao’s smile squinted his eyes. “I’d like to see that.”
Nat took another sip of her mojito. “Come by, and we’ll give you a tour.”
“I take it you guys work together?”
“Yup,” Nat said. “We met in vet school.”
Seth shifted in his seat. “Come on, Nat, like he wants to go to the vet.”
Nao crinkled his nose. “Well…when you put it that way, maybe not.”
The bartender placed another drink in front of Nat before he looked at Nao and gave him a wink. “Whatcha having?”
“Got any Sip-nip?”
Sip-nip? Seth hadn’t heard of that.
“You’re one lucky kitty. I’ll have it right up.” He gave Nao a flirty smirk and left to fix the drink.
Nat licked her lips, ogling the man from behind. “Hot, isn’t he? Amirite?”
Nao’s eyes fixed on the bartender. “Not bad.”  
A sour feeling came over Seth. 
“See, Nao agrees with me!” 
“What’s Sip-nip?” He needed to change topics fast. He already felt peeved at the bartender, and Nat continuing to swoon made him angry at her, too.
“The cat equivalent of a mixed vodka drink, with a heartier flavor.” 
The bartender set the drink in front of Nao.
“Interesting,” Seth said. “I never knew they carried that.”
“‘Guess you’ve never been here with a cat?”  Nao took a sip. “Want some?” He held it out to Seth.
“Uh.” Seth bunched his brows in hesitation. “I don’t know…”
“It’s not bad, promise.” 
Seth glanced at Nao’s lips, remembering their petal-soft feel. If only he could kiss them again. If it meant putting his mouth where Nao’s had been, then it was worth it—no matter how awful it tasted.
Bravely, he took a sip. The thickened substance coated his tongue, and the earthy flavor almost had him gagging. His lips puckered, and his face scrunched up. God, this is bitter! He’d once sampled his foster mother’s wheatgrass, and the awful stuff even tasted better than this. 
Nao’s smile grew. “Wait for it…”
Seth swallowed. A new taste came from the lingering bitterness. Broth? The veggie flavor gave it a hint of greens while otherwise tasting like beef stew.
“Woah…you weren’t kidding?”
“Told yah, if you can get through the initial bitterness, it’s pretty awesome.” He offered the drink to Nat. “Wanna try too?”
“Sure, why the hell not?” Nat laughed, her second mojito making her a bit tipsy. She sipped the drink. Immediately, she grimaced, her brows bunching.
“Wait for it…” Nao’s voice filled with more excitement, sparking the yellow tint in his black eyes. 
Nat swished the liquid in her mouth. Then her expression melted into one of enjoyment. “Hot damn! Never’ve guessed it, but holy shit, that’s good!”
“Exactly!” Nao took his drink back.
They settled on another round of drinks, when Nat said, “Okay, do tell? Did you two know each other before the party?”
Seth didn’t know what to say. He had never lied to her before. Nao seemed to wait for him to take the lead. “Uh, sort of. We met once.”
Nao nodded.
“I kinda had a hunch on that.” Nat took another sip of her mojito.
“Oh, yeah? How?” Nao asked.
“Guess it was how you guys walked like you were already familiar with each other.”
Nao’s smile held approval. “You’re pretty good at analyzing a situation.” 
“And that means a lot coming from Nao,” Seth interjected. “He’s like Sherlock the cat.”
Nao laughed at that.
Nat’s cheeks flamed, and Seth probably should stop her from having any more, otherwise work tomorrow would suck. “So, where did you meet?”
Seth wracked his brain to come up with something that wasn’t an outright lie.
“Just sorta happened.” Nao took a sip of his drink. “Kind of a one-night stand, so to speak.”
“Oh, my God, Seth!” Nat laughed. “I’m so proud of you.”
“Uh, yeah. I guess.” Seth’s burning cheeks hadn’t anything to do with his beer.
“He was so adorable, I couldn’t resist.” Nao grinned.
“Sooo? You two a thing now?”
Seth and Nao looked at each other. Was Nao thinking the same thing he was? “Um….”
“Taking it slow,” Nao answered.
“Really?” Seth couldn’t hide his hope, the alcohol making his words slip freely. Nao smiled at him, but there was something in his eyes, an almost pitying look, and it made Seth turn away. “Something like that.”
They stayed for another fifteen minutes talking when Nat had to head out. “Talk to you later, babe.” She kissed Seth from cheek to cheek. Then did the same to Nao. “Really great to meet you, let’s totally do this again.”
Nao gave her another squinty-eyed smile. “Of course.”
When it was only him and Nao, Seth suddenly felt shy. Wasn’t beer supposed to lower inhibitions? Maybe he should’ve had a second one?
Nao rolled his head from shoulder to shoulder, stretching before he swayed to the music. “Love this song.”
Seth hoped Nao didn’t ask him to dance. Not that he didn’t enjoy Nao’s lithe body moving sensually to the music—his shirt rode up and revealed his toned abdomen.
“I suppose.” He couldn’t take his eyes off Nao.
“I’m kinda tired.” Nao laid his head on Seth’s shoulder. “Zeth?” His S sounded more like a drawled-out Z
“Hm?” Every nerve on his body stood on edge. He wanted to touch Nao, but he couldn’t move, too afraid that if he did, Nao would push away.
“I like you.” Nao rubbed his nose against Seth’s shirt before he was back resting his head on his shoulder.
Sitting up, he smiled, shyly at Seth. Then he groaned and squeezed the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. “Zomething’z wr-r-r-rong,” Nao slurred, his R’s rolled deep from his throat. His O came out strangled like Nao was fighting to keep from making a different noise. “I feel a bit lightheaded…it’z hard to think.”
“The drink?”
“If it is…that’z strange. I’ve alwayz drunk Zip-Nip, and this hasn’t happened before...”
“Oh? You wanna head out?”
Nao breathed deeply and shook his head. His fingers trembled, and he ran them through his hair to move it out of his face. His smile grew sensual, flirty. “I wanna dance.”
“You certainly bounce back quick.”
Par-r-r-tender?” Nao waved the bartender over. 
“Uh, maybe you should call it?”
The bartender’s grin widened. “Nah, let the little kitty have another.”
Seth narrowed his brow. “Thanks, but he’s had enough. Come on, Nao, let’s call it a night.” 
Nao leaned against Seth. Purring, he nuzzled Seth’s shoulder. “I wanna stay here with Zeth….” Seth’s stomach tingled. He liked his name spoken in Nao’s rich, adorable accent. Still, this wasn’t Nao. He didn’t want to take advantage of him in this state. Maybe that asshole bartender slipped him something? It made sense. No one else could’ve gotten a chance to mess with their drinks.
The bartender set down another glass. “The little kitty is cute when he’s drunk.”
Nao took a gulp before he giggled. “What’z in this thing?” He clutched his head. “World’z spinning…”
“Aaaaand, you’ve had enough.” Seth took a five from his wallet to leave a tip, but only because it was etiquette. He’d rather punch this guy in the face. “I’m closing my tab. Just put his on mine.”
“But the little kitty still needs to finish his drink.” He pushed the drink forward. “Don’tcha, kitty? It’s tasty to little kitty cats, isn’t it?”
Nao hummed, and rested his head on his arms; he still nodded. “Yesss…tasty.” He reached for the drink, but Seth stopped his hand.
“Just close my tab, man.” 
“I got monies, Zeth.” Nao sprang up before he wobbled in his chair. “Dizzy…”
“Easy there.” Seth prepared to catch him.
“I’m okay.” Nao’s accent swamped his slurred words. Giggling, he reached for his purse and nearly fumbled out of the barstool. He made noises similar to mews, then said softly, something that sounded like “yule-e.” Was Nao still speaking in English?
Seth stabilized him with a hand to his back. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got it.”
“But I wanna earn my keeps…”
“I know how the little kitty can pay me back?” The bartender leaned closer and squeezed Nao’s hand.
Seth glared at him. “Back off, man.”
“What are you, his dad?” He stroked Nao’s palm before he tugged on his fingers, playing with his claws. “How ‘bout it, kitty cat? Wanna go to the back?”
Nao shook his head and screwed his eyes shut. “Thankz, but I’ll’ve ta pass.” Looking up, he giggled. “Not dis time, I’m with Zeth.”
“Come on, cutie, I’ll make it much better for you than this lame dude.”
Nao shook his head and tried to take his hand away, but the bartender didn’t let go.
Seth shoved him off. “Knock it off, asshole. He already said no, and he doesn’t need anything else to drink.” His mouth formed a thin line. “You put something in it, didn’t you?” 
The bartender scowled. “What the hell you implying?”
“You heard me. You put something in his fucking drink, didn’t you?” Seth held his ground, anger stirring up inside him. If this bartender wanted a fight, he would give it to him. He had no intention of letting anyone hurt Nao. 
“Okay, okayz.” Nao stood up, his legs wobbling. “I’ll go home,” his M rumbled from within his throat, “wiss Zeth.” He hugged Seth from behind and rubbed his face into the valley between Seth’s shoulders. “Yule-e…zal-knee.” After speaking the words, he slipped into soft mews. Though Seth wasn’t sure if it was a mew or an actual heavily accented word, he thought he heard, “Safe.”
Seth covered one of Nao’s hands that rested on his chest. His eyes locked in a staring contest with the bartender. “You gonna close my tab?”
“Fine. Whatever, man.” The bartender frowned at him but went to get his card. Seth watched him the entire time as the guy printed out the receipt before he signed.
He put an arm around Nao and walked them to the door.
Nao pivoted to face him and draped his arms around Seth’s neck. With feline finesse, he moved to the music, swaying his hips and rolling his stomach. “Dance with me?” 
Seth chuckled and shook his head. “You’re drunk.”
Nao leaned closer and whispered into his ear. “Zeth?” 
“Yeah?” Seth steadied him. 
“I like you, Zeth,” he purred. He rubbed his nose against Seth’s ear, then pressed their cheeks together. He rumbled out a series of words Seth couldn’t make out, but they didn’t sound like English. Seth managed to catch the word yule-e, again. Perhaps that word meant happy? Fun, maybe? Nao beamed like a giddy kitten whenever he said it.
A faint fragrance emanated from Nao. It wasn’t his cologne—although that was still present. This scent was different, more primal, and highly arousing. Seth’s heartbeat grew louder, blood pumping through his veins. He inhaled deeply and leaned into Nao until their bodies pressed together.
Zeth,” Nao purred. In between mews, he spoke strongly accented words. “Yule-lee, cha-rar. Happy…alive, zal-knee…horny.” Had Nao just said he was horny? Then again, with his heavy accent, perhaps Seth had misheard. Nao rubbed against him, and goosebumps pricked Seth’s skin. “I like you,” he whispered.
“I like you, too. Now come on, let’s get you home.” Seth tried to take Nao’s arms off him. God, how he didn’t want to. He’d rather shove Nao up against the wall and kiss him breathless. But he couldn’t. Nao was clearly under the influence of something, and Seth wasn’t about to take advantage of the situation.
“No, no,” he whined and held Seth tighter. “I wanna dance.” The scent clinging to Nao practically screamed sex. His firm body—all tight muscles on a slender physique—molded against Seth’s, who instinctively grabbed his hips, grinding into him. “Dance with me, Zeth.” Nao purred low. He nosed Seth’s neck and uttered something softly like a prayer. “Cha-rar, zal-knee…horny.”
Seth realized Nao was slipping in and out of his native tongue in an attempt to express his emotions.
He took a deep breath. Stop it. I can’t do this. He can’t consent; it’s wrong. Drawing from a reserve of self-control Seth didn’t know he had, he released Nao, and this time he succeeded in getting Nao to let go.
“You’re intoxicating,” Nao drawled, sounding like one long hiss.
“Nope, that would be the drug.” Seth guided Nao to the door, pulling him when he tried to stop.
“Such a meanie,” Nao whined. “Meanie, Zeth.” He made a low rroaw before muttering more foreign words. Seth didn’t understand them, but he got a general idea. Anger, frustration. Annoyance. Nao trilled Seth’s name and sounded even more like a frustrated feline.
“Yup, I’m a meanie, but you’ll thank me tomorrow.”
“But Zeth?” Nao’s voice grew small. He uttered a soft mew, before speaking in a hushed tone. Even though the words sounded a mixture of meows and gibberish to Seth, the emotions behind them stabbed his heart. He could hear the notes of fear, sorrow, and loneliness. “Don’t you like me? Coo-lay… zal-knee.” His voice trembled.
Seth stopped and faced Nao properly. “Yeah. I do. A lot, actually.”
Nao stepped into his space. “Then have me,” he moaned against Seth’s neck. The sound reverberated and tickled the soft hairs there. His scent practically begged Seth to give in, drowning him in arousal. Nao’s rough tongue licked from his throat to his cheek and sent tingles dancing down his spine. Claw tipped fingernails trailed his chest and abdomen before he grabbed Seth’s groin. Thankfully, he had worn his slacks. Otherwise, he’d be visibly hard.
Seth sucked in a breath. His body ached. He was slowly losing the battle, craving Nao’s warm hand around his shaft. Pulling Nao close, he whispered into his ear. “Tomorrow, come to me then, and I’ll do anything you want.”
Tomo-r-r-r-ow? I want it neow,” he grumbled, pouting. He rubbed up on Seth, purring, brushing his cheek against Seth’s before hiding his nose in the crook of Seth’s neck.
Seth continued to guide them to his car. He focused on his breathing, trying to calm his racing heart. His erection throbbed. “I’m gonna drive you home, okay?”
Nao shook his head. “No, let’s take my car-r-r.”
“If I do that, you’ll definitely kill me when you’re sober. In your current state, you’re gonna wreck.”
“Noes, I won’t.” Nao smiled flirtily. “Catz are graceful.” He hung on Seth, running his hand into Seth’s pants. “Zeth, I want you.”
“Feeling’s completely mutual. But not like this, Nao.” Seth took Nao’s hand out. “You’re drunk.”
“Am not,” Nao said, giggling. 
When they got to Seth’s car, he helped Nao lean against it. He cursed himself for not trading it in. Damn student loans. Who didn’t have automatic locks nowadays? Without a clicker, he had to unlock it manually, all the while keeping Nao from falling on his face.
“I’ve got thiz! I’mma cat. Catz...zee?” He pushed off of the car and lost his footing.
Seth caught him just in time. Thankfully, he’d stuck the key in the lock beforehand, so it hadn’t fallen on the ground.
“Don’t understand? I’mma cat…and catz ar-r-re graceful.” He sprung up onto his tiptoes, spreading out his arms as if he could leap right off the ground. “Zeeee? Graceful!” Seth hugged Nao’s waist to stop him from falling.
“Not tonight, you aren’t, buddy.” Seth helped him into the passenger seat. 
“Ummm... Zeth? Zeth, come back... pleeeease? Zal-knee, coo-lay…” Given the soft mew-like timbre of Nao’s next few words, if he had to guess what Nao said, it would be sad, lonely.
“Will do, buddy. But, I’m gonna sit in the driver’s seat, okay?” Seth closed the door while Nao continued speaking in his native language and a mixture of cat sounds.
When he got in, he expected Nao to jump him, but instead, Nao leaned his head against the seat.
“I don’t feel so good,” he groaned, finally sounding normal. “I hurt all over.”
“Don’t worry, you’re gonna sleep this off, okay?”
“Sorry, Zeth.” Nao cupped his forehead and massaged his temples. His thick accent returned, as his hands transformed into paws. “Zor-r-r-ry.” 
“For r-r-ruining your night.” With his tiny meows, Nao sounded like he was about to cry. Sadcoo-lay, zal-knee.” 
“Hey?” Seth patted his thigh. “You didn’t ruin anything, okay?”
“I’m all over za place.” 
“Yeah, but you can’t help it, okay? That asshole probably spiked your drink.”
Nao snorted, before laughing uncontrollably. “Z-Zome escor-r-rt I am.” He hiccupped. “Sh-Shoulda read him better-r-r-r.” 
“Nah, you’re good. That guy’s the asshole.”
Humanz hurt catz.” His speech slurred, before he laughed, and was bouncing in his seat. “Datz why catz must take care a catz.”
“Well, I’ll tell you what. You don’t have to fear humans while I’m around ‘cause there’s no way I’ll let any of them hurt you.”
Nao went silent, and Seth glanced to see if he’d fallen asleep. Instead, wide yellow eyes stared at him. When had Nao’s black eyes turned yellow? His cat ears were out, and his face looked more feline.
Zeth’z not mean,” he whispered. “Zeth’z trusted, nice.” He cuddled up against Seth’s shoulder, then nuzzled his shirt and kneaded it with his paws. “Yule-e…zal-knee. Cha-rar.” That scent invaded Seth’s nose again, stronger than before, making his body feel heavy with arousal. “Zeth’z hot.”
“Okay, now I officially know you’re drunk or high or whatever that drug’s doing to you.”
“Why? It’z how I feel.” He nibbled Seth’s ear, his sharp, pointy fangs both hurt and tickled.
Since he didn’t know the route to Nao’s place, he drove to his own apartment. 
When they got out of his car, Seth supported Nao with an arm around his waist, and they walked to the door.
Zeth…” Nao said, the word low and husky. He nuzzled Seth’s neck. “I want Zeth.” He kept trying to invade Seth’s jeans, all the while sending hot pants against his neck, kissing him, and sucking on his skin. Seth groaned at the sensations. He didn’t think he could get any harder than he already was. If there were a way to die from blue balls, he’d found it.
Every taunt muscle on Nao’s slender body, from his firm chest to his nicely defined abs, pressed against Seth’s side. That night, Nao’s naked skin had been smooth and soft. He remembered Nao’s thighs clenching as he rode his cock. His shapely ass fitted in Seth’s palms.
Seth moaned with need, wanting to take Nao right there on the driveway. “Fuck…” He reached for his keys, still trying to keep Nao from falling. Nao stopped ravishing him and bopped the jingling metal keychain with his paw. “Nao, stop it.” Seth couldn’t hold in his laugh. “I can’t unlock it when you’re playing with it like that.”
Nao bopped it again, giggling; his pupils blown. “Put it’z funz!”
“You’re like a kitten, do you know that?” 
Nao giggled again, making a chirping sound in the back of his throat. 
It became a game where Seth tried to get the key in the keyhole before Nao swatted it. So far, Nao was winning. A moth fluttered by the hanging light in the doorway, and Nao got distracted. 
When he swiped, Seth quickly took the opening, turning the key in the lock. “Okay, in we go.” Nao seemed preoccupied with the pesky insect. “Come on, buddy. We’re just a door away.” As Nao prepared for another pounce, Seth pulled him through the door. The momentum sent them tumbling to the floor.  
Nao burst out laughing, Seth right behind him. 
When he had laughed himself dry, Seth got to his feet. He held out a hand. Nao reached for it and missed it. Seth shook his head, a smile still on his lips. This time when Nao reached again, Seth caught his hand. “All right, let’s get you standing.” 
World’z spinning! Zpin world! Zpin!” Nao’s tail swished the air. He squirmed out of Seth’s arms, and onto all fours. Crawling, he circled Seth’s legs. With the way he moved, he looked like the cat he was, and not a human clumsily on his hands and knees. 
“You really are ridiculous, you know that?” Seth bent down and stroked Nao’s head. He ran his fingers through his dark hair—still human, wavy, and long. Nao leaned into the touch, slowly closing his eyes. The more Seth stroked him, the more he transformed into a cat.
“Oh, Bruno.” Seth gestured to the tabby. “Come and meet Nao.”
Nao’s cat ears perked up, and he scooted behind Seth. “He doesn’t like mees…” Nao pouted, his accent lessening.
“What, Bruno?” Seth stood. “He’s the nicest dude in the world. Come on, buddy, show him how awesome you are.”
Bruno twitched his ear and let out a low, long meow.
“Uh, uh…he wantz me to leave.”
Seth shook his head.
“Do you speak catz?”
“Hm…guess I didn’t think of that.” Seth helped Nao stand. “Well, you guys can meet again tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll be much friendlier when you’re your normal charming self.”
“No, noes, Zeth. I wanna play. Bruno-eowzz!” Nao twitched his ears and raised his tail. Bruno’s sharp tail-swipe had Nao pouting. “See? He doesn’t like me.”
“That’s ‘cause you’re drunk off your ass. Come on, I’ll let you take the bed.” Seth draped Nao’s arm around his shoulder and headed into the bedroom. He sat him down on the mattress.
Zleap with me, ZethZleap with me. Humanz...str-r-r-range. You’re not. You’r-r-re cat, like us.” He continued babbling as Seth removed his shoes. “Can’t trust humanz. Tr-r-r-rust you.”
“All right. Lie down.”
Nao rested his weight on his palms. Smirking, Nao licked his lips. “C’mere you.” He wrapped his leg around Seth’s arm and tugged him downward. “Wanna make you feel good.” 
Seth lost his balance and fell onto the bed. His erection throbbed painfully. God, he wanted to. 
Nao crawled to him, doing the most feline looking crab walk. He pushed his legs under Seth’s torso until he lay beneath him. “Ever wonder about that night?” He licked up Seth’s ear and ran his fingers through his curls. 
Seth shivered. “Um, yeah...”
Nao cupped Seth’s head, bringing them mere breaths apart. “Let’s not wonder...” His R rolled deep from his throat. Seth could practically feel it, “…be with me.”
He kissed Seth hard. His rough tongue delved into Seth’s mouth, scraping his teeth. Nao wrapped his legs around Seth’s waist and ground into his hard dick. “Zee? You want me too,” Nao spoke in a husky voice, each word came from the chest, like a purr.
Tight abs pressed into him, and Seth couldn’t hold back his moan. “God, yeah.” He kissed Nao with equal fervor, licking into his mouth, chewing his bottom lip, grinding into him, stirring up delicious friction that had them both panting. Seth didn’t want to stop. “But…” He had to. Nao probably wouldn’t remember any of this tomorrow. And if he did, would he feel violated? “Can’t.” He separated from Nao, not too gently because he was about to explode. 
Sadness filled Nao’s still yellow eyes. “You don’t like me…” 
“No, that’s definitely not it.” Seth shook his head. “You’re fucking hot, but—”
Put I’m dirty, ‘cause I’m an escor-r-r-rt.”
“Nope. Wrong again. I’d fuck you right here if you were sober.”
Put I am sober.”
“Nope, you’re the exact opposite, buddy. Sleep it off, and tomorrow, I’ll fuck your brains out if you still want me to.” Seth got off the bed before he helped Nao stand.
Put-Put…” Nao pawed at Seth’s shirt. He hugged Seth, again, nuzzling his neck. “I missed you…” 
Was any of this true? Did Nao actually miss him? No, that couldn’t be right. This had to be the drug talking. 
Nao flipped their positions and forced Seth to sit on the edge of the bed. He got between his legs and mouthed Seth’s shaft through his pants. “At least, lemme make you feel good?”
Seth groaned. 
Nao unbuttoned his pants and breathed over his briefs.
“Please, Zeth? Lemme taste you, please.” He accentuated his words with a nuzzle of his head to Seth’s groin, then tugged Seth’s underwear down enough to free his cock.
Hot breath tickled his sensitive skin, and Seth’s head lulled back. He had to stop this. Regardless of what Nao said, he still couldn’t give consent, not like this. Seth grabbed his head, trying to be gentle, even when he ached with need. “Stop, Nao…. please.”
Nao looked up, eyes wide and teary. “I’m zorry.”
“I want you, Nao. So bad…” Seth trembled with need. Tears of frustration lurked in the corners of his eyes. “But I want you to be here because you want to be, not ‘cause of some drug.”
Nao swallowed. “Put I do want ta be here.” He rested his head on Seth’s knee. “I want dis. Want you.”
Seth wished he could enjoy Nao lying against him, but after all of this, he desperately needed to go and take care of himself. He sucked in a few shaky breaths to regain his composure. “Let’s wait until you’re back to normal, okay?”
Nao stretched, yawning, and it freed Seth to get up. “Zleepy.”
“Exactly.” Seth walked Nao over to the front of the bed and helped him get under the covers. “Get some sleep.” He petted Nao’s hair and ran his fingers down the curve of his face. Nao had shut his eyes, and his breathing evened out. Seth smiled gently before he kissed Nao’s forehead.
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Melissa writes character-driven fiction, and any genre is fair game! When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, anime, manga and gaming. Living by the motto of trying all things twice, Melissa has jumped out of a perfectly good plane, swam with manatees, dove head first into Alice’s rabbit hole, and seduced classy ladies in 6-inch heels. A free-spirited bohemian, she currently lives in artsy St. Petersburg, Florida with her soulmate and their two, adorably needy cats.

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