Thursday, February 20, 2020

Forbes Mates Rerelease Celebration - series by Grace Duncan - Blog Tour with Excerpt and Giveaway

Forbes Mates Rerelease Celebration
Grace R. Duncan

To go along with the Celebration, Devotion (book one) is 99¢ for the duration of the tour!  This will be a great way to get started on the series!


Despite being human, is Chad the mate Jamie is hoping for? Or did the gods give Jamie someone he couldn’t keep?

Jamie Ryan was almost ready to accept he’d never find his destined mate. They’re uncommon to begin with and same-sex versions downright rare. Since his gay best friend found a destined mate, Jamie figured he was out of luck. Until end of semester stress forces him to go through the full-moon shift early. Stuck in wolf form, he runs into none other than his destined mate. Who’s human.

Chad Sutton has always had good instincts. They served him well as a detective and continued on when he went private. Those instincts tell him there’s something about the dog that comes up to him while running away from animal control that isn’t quite right. He works to put the pieces together, but is unsuccessful until his dog turns into a human before his eyes.

Jamie has no idea what the mate bite of a shifter will do to a human. He’s terrified to try—and possibly kill his mate. They hunt for answers while working together on one of Chad’s cases. It’s easy to see they belong together, but Jamie fears the gods gave him someone he can’t keep.

Join us in celebrating the rerelease of the Forbes Mates books! The celebration tour has a $25 Amazon Gift Card giveaway and lots of fun excerpts from the books.  You can follow the tour here ( – hope you have fun!

Excerpt from Patience – Forbes Mates book 2

When the driver turned into the parking lot, he didn’t wait for Chad to pay. He got out and opened their door. And as soon as they’d climbed out, he leaned in, apparently expecting the dog to have peed on the seat.
Chad buried a snicker when the guy stood and looked almost disappointed. “I guess I’m not paying for a new seat.”
The driver glared at him. “I’ve had one too many dogs do that to me.”
Chad held his hands up. “Sorry! Listen, you can see he won’t piss on your seat. We need to go in here for a few.” Chad threw a thumb toward the pet store. “Then we’re going to need a ride back home. I’ll pay you to wait, okay?”
The driver looked from him to the dog and back again. “Pay me for the ride now and put in a new request.”
“Of course,” Chad said, taking out his phone. He finalized the trip in the Uber app, put in the request for the second trip, then turned to the dog when he’d finished. He wished he could put his finger on what was so different about the animal, but he couldn’t. Aside from being fucking huge. And intelligent. He was way too intelligent for a regular dog. That didn’t tell Chad much, though.
“Come on,” he said and headed for the store. He had no idea how he knew the dog would obey him, but he didn’t even question it. And, sure enough, as they stepped through the sliding door, the dog was right there with him.
They didn’t get more than a few feet into the store before they were stopped by a waif of a girl with flyaway black hair and a quick smile. “I’m sorry, sir, he needs to be on a leash.”
“That’s what I’m here for. I don’t have one. He won’t wander off or attack other animals, I promise.” Chad looked down at the dog. “Will you?”
Yet again, the dog displayed that uncanny intelligence and looked as if he was shaking his head.
Chad looked up to see the girl staring, wide-eyed, at the dog.
“Uh, okay. Just… keep him close, okay?”
“Of course,” Chad assured her, then looked back at the dog. “Let’s go.” He stopped and turned back to her. “Oh, could you direct me to the collars and leashes?”
She blinked at him but pointed to their left. “Aisle ten.”
Chad smiled his most disarming smile. “Thanks.” He grinned when she blushed, then waved and started walking toward the aisle. He frowned down at the whine from the dog. “What?”
The dog didn’t even look at him.
Chad forgot about it as he looked at the enormous selection of collars. “Holy shit. It’s been a long time since I had a pet. And the last time, Mom was the one to buy this stuff. Uh….” Chad looked down. “I’m guessing the double extra large on the collar, huh?”
The dog tilted his head and looked up.
Chad turned to the options, smirked, and picked up a bright pink one. “I know you can’t see color, but I think pink would go great with your fur.”
The dog sat back and pointedly licked his balls.
Chad laughed. “Yeah, yeah, you’re a boy. Well, then, purple.”
In answer, the dog put his head on the floor and his paws over his face.
“Fine, fine. Which would <i>you</i> pick?” Chad asked, as if he’d really get an answer.
The dog did, in fact, sit up and look at the collars. He tilted his head, then stood and nosed a big black one with spikes.
Chad laughed. “You don’t really strike me as a spiked collar kind of guy, though.” The dog huffed in reply, and Chad, remembering he was paying for the cab to wait, turned back to the collars. He spotted a simple brown leather one close to the top and pulled it off. “Hmm. I think this might be good for you, huh?”
He fitted it around the dog’s neck and realized it was actually a little <i>too</i> big. He went down to just the extra large and saw it fit well, with the requisite two fingers of space underneath. “You’re not going to take it off, are you?” he asked, then rolled his eyes at himself. “Why do I keep asking you questions? You’re not going to answer me.” The dog chuffed and Chad blinked. “Right. Uh, leash.” He picked the longest matching leather one they had, then headed back to the register. “Better get you a tag too,” he muttered.
The same waif rang up his purchases and gave him the code for the tag machine. After Chad had paid, she came around the counter. “Does he bite?”
Chad looked down. “You going to bite her?”
The dog managed to look offended. He huffed, turned to the girl, and nosed under her hand.
She laughed and petted him. “He’s huge. What is he? I don’t recognize the breed.”
“Great American Mutt,” Chad said, figuring it was close enough to true, and she laughed again. “There’s Alaskan malamute in him, but that’s all I’m sure of.”
“I’ve never seen one. I didn’t know they got this big.”
Chad shrugged a shoulder. “I’m pretty sure he’s unique in that aspect. Probably has some Great Dane or something to be that big. I, uh, need to get the tag.” He clipped the new leash to the dog’s collar and tugged gently.
It took him a moment to work through the screens—the touch was either not sensitive enough or it was too sensitive. Never in between. Finally he got to the part where he had to put in the name and he paused, stumped. He looked down. “What am I going to call you?”
The dog tilted his head again as if he was waiting to see what Chad would suggest.
He flipped through his mental files of dog names, but most of them were horribly mundane and this dog was anything but. “Fido? Spot?”
Yet again, the dog managed to look offended.
The dog huffed.

Chad was having too much fun with this. “Hmm. Balls. I should call you Balls."

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