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The Alpha King by Viktor Alexander - Blog Stop with Giveaway

Book Name: The Alpha King
Part of a series?: Yes. This is book one in the Passion’s Hero series and subsequent books should be read in order.
Author Name: Vicktor Alexander
Publisher: Rooster & Pig Publishing
Cover Artist: Vicktor Alexander


Centuries after the destruction of Earth, destiny is being fulfilled and plans are in motion to restore not only the  Earth, but mankind, to its former glory. One family is fated to bring about this amazing destiny. One man puts it all in motion, the day he crashes on to the wolf-planet of Tumaro and met his mate.

Talon Versuthion always knew that some kind of way, life was going to screw him over. His parents died when he was just a boy and he can't remember a thing about them. He was adopted by a great family only to have them tell him that he is a Vermithian, one of the most despised humanoid species. Even worse than that? He has no idea that a prophecy was made about his family, one that mentions that someone from the Versuthion family will bring back a pure human race. And there are people out there who will stop at nothing to make sure that never happens. No matter what.

While on a delivery for the GPA with his adopted sister Josie, however, Tal's space shuttle crashes onto Tumaro, the notorious wolf-shifter planet. Tal is lucky to be alive, though Josie can't be found. He is desperate to find her, but destiny steps in and history is changed forever. Because the Alpha King of the planet, Blazell Roughshire, is Talon's mate. And before the two men can even settle into their new relationship they must deal with conspiracy, murder, kidnapping and a centuries old plot to completely eradicate the human race. Will Blaze be able to keep his mate safe from those who would see him dead? Is Tal truly the only one left from his family who can fulfill this centuries old prophecy? And can Tal, who has made it a point to never fall in love with anyone, open his heart and let Blaze be Passion's hero?

Warning: This book contains references to abuse, rape, torture, and violence. It also
contains hot sex between a young man with an affinity for celebrities that may sound familiar to
you and his hot possessive Alpha mate. This is a R&P Whips & Chains novel which means the
story contains BDSM elements. BDSM is a Lifestyle and while certain elements of it are not
dangerous, please do not engage in any part of the BDSM Lifestyle without a trained
professional on-hand.(This is a re-edited, re-published novel. The publisher has been changed.
Over 22,500 words have been added to the original)

Categories: Alternate Universe, BDSM, Fantasy, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction

“Where the hell are my clothes? More than that. Where the hell is my sister?” Talon yelled, pulling the bedcovers up to his chin.
Blazell laughed heartily, not at all deterred by his mate’s little freak-out. “Your clothes
were destroyed in your accident, my love. I took the liberty of removing the hospital gown you
wore when I brought you here to our bedroom,” he stated with amusement.
“Our bedroom?” Talon questioned in a small, hesitant voice, quivering with fear and shock.
“Yes, love, our bedroom. Where we will sleep and make love, more so the latter than the
former.” He didn’t know how to respond about the man’s sister. He hadn’t heard anything about there being anyone else found at the crash. He would fully admit he was being rather selfish at the moment and only wanted to focus on his mate’s well-being and Talon’s sudden appearance in his life. Once they were fully bonded, Blazell would look into Talon’s missing sister. Blazell knew that made him an asshole, but, at the moment, he couldn’t bring himself and his wolf to feel ashamed.
Talon shook his head in bewilderment. “But you don’t even know me, and I certainly don’t know you!”
“My soul knows yours, my heart embraces yours, and my life and I were made for you as
yours was made for me. I know you in the deepest parts of me, even though my mind may not,”
Blazell declared. “You were made for me,” he said as he placed his hands on either side of his
mate’s face, his thumbs delicately caressing Talon’s cheeks. “As I was made for you.”

Words/Pages: 92,505 words, 258 pages

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