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Home by Donna McIntosh - Blog Tour with Author guest post and Giveaway

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Title: Home
Author: Donna McIntosh
Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Gay Romance
Length: Novel
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing

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LAPD Detective Sean Hennessey has one person he’s repeatedly tried to arrest and bring to justice: his nemesis, Mitchell Yates.

Yates has been in and out of trouble for years, always skating around the edges of LA’s underbelly; however, Sean can never pin anything on him.

But one night all of that changes.

Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, instead of arresting Yates, Sean is rescued by him and taken to Yates’ home—a satellite high above Earth. There, Sean discovers a world he thought possible only in Science Fiction.

Everything he believed he knew about Yates is turned upside down, and Sean must make a decision: to remain with the LAPD or join Yates and work toward intergalactic peace.


“You think you can bait me?” Sean walked around to an open area in the middle of the room. “I’ve been swatting punks like you since before you were born. Bring it on!”

The next moment, Jimmy leaped at him and they were into it. Fists flew. Furniture was knocked over. Sean managed to duck Jimmy’s fist and landed a solid right to his stomach. Jimmy pulled back, startled, and Sean couldn’t help but grin. Taking that smirk off Jimmy’s face had felt so good. Jimmy was quick on his feet though, and caught Sean with a right to the jaw. All the humor of the situation vanished as Sean tackled him, taking Jimmy down, overturning a table and its contents in the process. In a matter of moments, Sean had him on his knees in a headlock he couldn’t get out of. Jimmy wiggled, struggled, cursed a blue streak, and threatened, but he couldn’t budge the hold Sean had on him.

“Maybe I should have told you that I was captain of the wrestling team in college, and lettered in boxing. But then again, punks like you always seem to think that a few years on a guy means he’s ready to be put out to pasture.” Sean chuckled. “Surprise,” he hissed close to Jimmy’s ear as he tightened his grip.

Tussling on the floor, Sean didn’t notice the door open and Yana walk in. “What the... what the hell is going on here?” Yana yelled.

Sean released the headlock he had on Jimmy and they got to their feet. Jimmy pulled free and ran to Yana’s side.

“Thank God you got here. He attacked me, Yana!” Jimmy was red-faced and gasping for air. “I came by to invite the two of you to dinner and he attacked me. He’s crazy!

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Thanks you so much for having me here today. Besides reading and writing, there are many other things that I love. (Aside from family, of course.)
I love flowers. Most of all, I love roses. Pink roses especially. There's nothing more beautiful to me than a pink rose.
I love new born babies. I love to hold them, watch them look around in wonder. I love the little sounds they make. I envy them their ability to sleep thought anything at all. I love the way they jump when they're startled, and I love all their little clothes and teeny, tiny socks.
I love kittens. I love cats too, but kittens are more fun. I love how they run and jump and play war with one another. Cats are wonderful too. They're clean, quiet, loyal, and easy to please. But they stare at you a lot. You just know that they know all you're secrets, yet they don't judge you. Cats are wonderful, magical creatures. Even if they do stare at you when you take a bath and insist on accompanying you to the bathroom.
I love sleeping during a rain storm. I guess that should be lying in bed and listening to the rain. I do worry though about all the animals, and people out in the storm and hope that each and every being manages to find shelter.
I love the smell of laundry fresh from the dryer.
I love the smell of spaghetti cooking.
I love going outside after a rain.
I love the smell of honeysuckle.
I love to take a piece of beat up old furniture that was sat out for the trash man, and repair it, refinish it, and turn it into something useful and beautiful. I especially love to see the looks on peoples' faces when they see what I've done with their throw-aways.
The best movie I've ever seen has to be Brokeback Mountain. I think I have each and every scene burned into my brain. This movie has had a greater impact on me than any other movie I've ever seen.
The worst movie I've ever seen, without a doubt, “Saving Private Ryan”. I hated that movie with a passion. “Monster's Ball” was a close runner-up, but didn't instill the fury in me that “Saving Private Ryan” did.
I love Irish dancing, Michael Flatley especially. And I love the Irish singing group Celtic Thunder. (RIP George! How I miss him!)
Downton Abbey will forever by my favorite Masterpiece Theater production. (I hate Mary though. She was too much like my own sister.)
I miss the “X-Files”, the “Carol Burnett Show”, and “The Crocodile Hunter”.
Most of all, above all else, I love writing. There is just nothing like it when everything is working and the words flow from your brain, out the tips of your fingers, and they show up on the screen. Your story takes shape, unfolds in front of you, and it's a thing of beauty. At least it is to the person who's writing it.
I'd rather be writing than doing anything else. Except maybe eating a hot fudge sundae, but I'm not allowed to do that any more, so that makes writing the best thing ever.

About the Author

DONNA McINTOSH was born in Elmira, New York, grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, married a Texan and has lived all over Texas for the last thirty-plus years. Donna has four children, ran a Day Care Center for many years and has written fan fiction since she was thirteen.

Donna loves long walks so her mind can ramble. She loves reading and her tastes run from Historical novels, to Sci-Fi, Westerns, Classics, all the way to WWII and biographies. In short, anything that catches her eye.

Donna loves total quiet, very little TV, occasional movies, wildlife, beaches, birds, cats, newborn babies, flowers, and great big smiles. Oh, and hugs!

She hates flying, total darkness, people who talk endlessly about themselves, intolerance, and bigotry.
Donna’s biggest asset?  Her wild and endless imagination.

Her biggest flaw? She’s a Libran and simply cannot make a decision!

DONNA McINTOSH can be found at her website:

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