Monday, August 1, 2016

Krane: Knights to Remember by Nicole Colville - Release Day Blast with Excerpt

Book Title: Krane: Knights to Remember
Release Date: August 1, 2016
At the age of thirty-seven, local giant and semi-professional rugby player, Krane Buchannan, had spent his life hiding behind a tightly locked closet door with a wife as a shield and a gut full of regrets.

Coming out may not have been his decision, but ending his marriage was. With an ugly divorce starting up and a vindictive soon to be ex-wife making his life a living hell, Krane finds his once comfortable life in the small Scottish village changed forever. Unprepared and still unwilling to admit the truth, Krane has some tough decisions to make.

For years he’d been dead inside, going through life but never actually living. He thought he’d never find that one special person, but when he meets an attractive brunette with legs to die for, Krane’s world is tipped upside down.

“I’m going to ruin you for every other man. You’re mine. I own you.”

The heat and the passion scorches them both, and in the space of a few hours, Bailey becomes much more than a one-night experience. Every touch from Bailey was branded onto his skin, forever imprinted like the intricate ink work covering him, something which couldn’t be washed off or forgotten, but worn forever.

Bailey was showing Krane how life should be.

Coming from entirely different worlds, both struggle to overcome the worries and fear of entering into the other’s life, but the searing white hot heat which builds between them with every look can’t be ignored. With hesitant steps, Krane enters into the secretive world of BDSM and Bailey cautiously re-enters the world he’s tired so hard to forget. The world outside the club.

Krane screamed power. Bailey could sense it simmering across the room and filling his lungs with his alpha aroma.

There’s a sadness which clings to Bailey and his unwillingness to open up about the dark secrets from his past makes Krane doubt everything but he’s had enough of giving up and is prepared to fight for what he wants, and what he wants is Bailey. He just has to convince Bailey to want the same thing.


Clearing the thickness from his throat, aware the moment had lasted too long to go unnoticed by the demure sub, Krane took the bottle of beer and handed it to Bailey, taking his own and downing half of it while Bailey took a couple of mouthfuls. “So…” He paused. He wanted to ask if Bailey was with anyone, but then he wasn’t sure how to phrase it. He didn’t want to come across as rude, mistakenly saying something offensive when he didn’t mean to, but this environment was like a different world to him and he didn’t know how to act. “You're… alone here?”

Bailey toyed with the neck of the bottle, caressing it teasingly with his fingertips. “Yes.” His oval shaped eyes met Krane’s again, fleetingly, then quickly dropping back to his chest. “You're not a Dom?”

“No.” Christ, he wished he was right then so he could treat Bailey correctly and give him the attention he craved.

The thought of Bailey leaving him after this drink and finding another man, a Dom, someone who would offer Bailey the lifestyle he couldn’t, it made Krane sit up straighter, clenching his hand around the bottle neck.

“Are you disappointed?” He wanted to say, ‘are you going to leave and find someone else?’ But he bit his tongue.

Bailey thought about his answer for a long moment, but shook his head, though Krane was able to see in fact Bailey was disappointed in some way.

Jacob mentioned he’d not been with anyone outside of ‘the scene,’ as he put it, in years. Perhaps it was common for people involved in this life to stick to what they know, not involving people from the outside, knowing they couldn’t offer them the physical satisfaction they got with someone of their own… kind?

There was a primal urge inside Krane which demanded Bailey stay with him. He wasn’t about to let this one walk off and leave him.

He wanted him in a way he’d never felt before.

Never imagined he would find with someone else. 

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Nicole grew bored being a supermodel genius who worked part time for NASA, and decided to take a break from helping solve the mysteries of the universe with Stephen Hawkins to write m/m romance.

She has a loving relationship with her hubby of twenty years, and has achieved a lot in her short life considering she's only eighteen. She has fourteen dogs of all different breeds, plus twenty cats, and when she's not tending to their every need, and solving complex math problems, she loves to sew and can be often found knitting in the garden, which she maintains all by herself with her magical green fingers.

Finding time to make all of her own clothing and master the kitchen better than Gordon Ramsey, she's also a vegan domestic goddess and can often be found cooking up a storm bare foot in her kitchen.

Okay, so that's not true, especially the cooking part, though I do tend to be bare foot and I swear like Gordon does while burning my latest creation -- and I still think NASA will be getting in touch. Any day now!! *crosses fingers* I could sooo do that job because I'm so obviously awesome, but until they do...

I'm a full time author of M/M Romance and Erotica, and somehow I have several bestselling books under my belt. I've been writing for four years, and I self publish all my work under Hidden Pleasures Publishing along with my amazing team of helpers in the form my cover designer Kellie Dennis, editor Jessica McKenna, and all of my beta readers and PA's.

I'm a wife to my beloved hubby and mother to two young girls, and I do in fact have two cats who I adore, but no dog, as the hubby put his foot down. I live in Leeds in the North of England and I love it, despite the terrible weather.

My men are all seeking what everyone is, true love mixed with passion and their own happy-ever-after full of laughter and tears.

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