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Dragon Fire, Angel Light by Shara Godwinson - Release Day Blitz with Excerpt and Giveaway


Title:  Dragon Fire, Angel Light
Author: Shara Godwinson
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: December 11, 2017
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 46000
Genre: Paranormal, dark romance, paranormal, shifters, dragons, magic, kidnapping, captive

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William is a dragon shifter who, despite having lived for over two thousand years, has never found a true love. When he meets Evyn, a quirky musician/journalist who wants to be a real photographer, he immediately finds him irresistible.

But Evyn’s a little supernatural too, and an evil brotherhood and a band of soul reavers are after him to destroy his pure soul.

Can William protect his love from evil?


Dragon Fire, Angel Light
Shara Godwinson © 2017
All Rights Reserved


October 14th, 1066 A.D. The Battle of Hastings

The battle for Britain was done. The enemy had won. The fighting had lasted for nine hours, an unprecedented amount of time. When it was over, King Harold lay dead, and William of Normandy stood victorious over his slain enemy. However, for Willan, a humble Anglo-Saxon soldier, the battle was still very much ongoing. Willan lay on the slick bloody grass. He had suffered a blow to the head that had left him unconscious for some time. But now, he woke to find himself surrounded by his dead comrades and in a dire situation.

The Norman soldiers were walking the battlefield, seeking out their wounded and killing any of the enemy that they came across. His life meant nothing to them, and if they attempted to kill him, they would learn the truth about what he truly was. Still, he had no choice. If he stayed here, they would find him. If he got up and ran, it would mean a fight he was not sure he could manage, and he would still face destruction. He looked around as best he could. From his position on the ground, with the other bodies lying around him, his vision was obscured. If he rose even the slightest bit, he was sure that he would attract attention and probably get an arrow to the head, just like his king.

Someone drew near. Their footsteps rattled the fallen shields and armor. If he was going to move, he had to do it now. His weapons were lost to him, and all he had were his feet. He jumped up, but he was grabbed from behind and thrown back to the ground. A large armored foot slammed down on his armor-plated chest, knocking the air from him. The man standing over him raised his sword, ready to strike. Willan looked up at his enemy’s face. When he stared into his enemy’s eyes, he realized that he knew them.

“Marcus?” he cried, hoping he was right. That his words would stay the man’s blade. For Marcus was not a man either. Willan and Marcus were the same.

It worked, and the man knelt down by Willan’s side and gazed into his eyes as if not completely sure what he saw was true. Finally, he said, “Wit? Is that you, Wit?”

“It is, Marcus. It is Wit.”

Marcus stared at him again for a moment. Then he said, “Wait here. I will not hurt you. Wait here until after nightfall and I will come back for you. You understand, yes?”


“Do not move a muscle. You need to act dead.”

“I will.”

“I have to go report that all are dead in this area. I will be back for you. Do not move.”

“I will not, Marcus.”

Marcus left him then. Willan lay there and tried to think about the last time he had seen Marcus. It had been about a thousand years or so ago when they were living together in Rome. Marcus had been a soldier, and he had been Marcus’s servant. He had left the night that Marcus had hit him and Willan had decided he couldn’t take the other man’s anger anymore. He had loved Marcus, but Marcus…could Marcus love? He had loved being with Willan. But did he love me?


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Meet the Author

Shara has always loved fantasy, having fallen in love with it as a child. She loved fairy tales from Authors such as Hans Christian Anderson and The Brothers Grimm. J.R.R. Tolkien has always been a massive influence, especially characters like Fili, Kili, Faramir and Sam (a personal favorite). She graduated from Eastern Oregon University in 2015 with Bachelors in History and Liberal Studies. She lives in Eastern Oregon with her cat, Isabella, her Chihuahua Maisie, and her Ring Necked Parakeet, Pretty.

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