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Eagle In The Hawthorn by Sam Burns -Blog Tour with Review and Giveaway

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Length: 45,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Melanie Farlow @ Clause & Effect

The Rowan Harbor Cycle Series

Book #1 - Blackbird in the Reeds - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #2 - Wolf and the Holly - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #3 - Fox and Birch - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #4 - Hawk In The Rowan - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #5 - Stag and the Ashe - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #6 - Adder and Willow - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #6.5 - In Any Light - Amazon US | Amazon UK


Rowan Harbor has had a tough winter, and Devon Murphy wants nothing more than to make it better. When he proposes a solution to the town’s low morale, it creates a rift in his relationship with his boyfriend, Wade. They’ve hardly ever argued, and when things get tense, Devon has no idea how to handle it.

But an evil presence in his town targets the people Devon loves, he has to put his personal worries aside and face danger down again. Will he be able to protect his town, and if he can, will Wade be waiting for him when it’s done?

5 out of 5 stars
Eagle in the Hawthorn is the 7th book in the 9 book Rowan Harbor Cycle. This series MUST be read in order otherwise you'll be completely lost. Each story leads into the next, and each advances the plot and characters journey toward the final book and the final meeting with the Big Bad. 

Speaking of the Big Bad, we've learned more about what it is, not necessarily who it is but that's for the next two books to show. Eagle in the Hawthorn is a well paced, if slightly less action packed, entry in the Cycle. This book goes back to the original couple, Devon and Wade, and is the 'wrap up' (so to speak) of their story, however it's not the wrap up of the series or the danger to the town and the people within. 

There's not much I can share plot wise because it will give too much of the story away. There's no way I want to spoil this book since we're getting closer to the end of the series. Needless to say we do have some interpersonal angst/drama, Devon's Gran comes back to town, Devon and Oak have some bonding time, an unexpected visitor comes to town, and we discover some interesting things. Yes, I know all of that is a little too vague but really this needs to be read to get the impact of the story and the progress to the next book. 

Overall I loved this one, and devoured it in one sitting. Of course this makes me sad because now I have to wait for the next book and that we're one book closer to the finale, too. As I said above the pacing is a bit slower on this but that won't dim your enjoyment of the story. I enjoyed the progression of Devon's self discovery as well as his continuing relationship with Wade, and also his friends and the rest of the town. 

If you haven't yet read this series, you need to pick up the first book and just go for it. It's the best mix of urban fantasy, romance, and paranormal all in one series filled with complex characters and a fantastic storyline. If you have read this series, you can't miss reading this book!   

Sam wrote her first fantasy epic with her best friend when she was ten. Like almost any epic fiction written by a ten year old, it was awful. She likes to think she’s improved since then, if only because she has better handwriting now.

If she’s not writing, she’s almost certainly either reading or lost down a Wikipedia rabbit hole while pretending to research for a novel.


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