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Desdemona Darkly: When Mickey Met Hugh by Matthew Ortiz - Blog Tour with Review


Are we rolling?"

"Yes Mr. Sherwood. Just say the lines as we rehearsed."

"Got it."

Mickey nodded and sucked in a lungful of air. Blowing it out, he began. "Welcome to Desdemona Darkly, your premier online site for adult toys and accessories. I'm here to introduce myself and tell you about our site and staff. My name is Mickey Sherwood Co-Founder and CEO of Desdemona Darkly. My staff and I are committed to providing you with only the highest quality intimate products and superb customer service. We have the online site to order from or if you wish, you can speak to one of our customer service team members, if you have questions with your order. You can also call us if you have any questions at all, regarding our products. Our phone lines are open twenty-four seven for your convenience. Making you happy and satisfied is our primary goal, here at Desdemona Darkly. Thank you again for choosing us, for your personal pleasuring needs."

"And cut."

Mickey grinned. "Was that good?"

"Excellent Mr. Sherwood."

Mickey slid out of his chair, grinning. With this new commercial, he was hoping to increase sales for his company. So far everything was a success in his world, except his love life. Phfft, what else is new? Flicking on his phone he checked his messages. He had stopped by the studio to film the commercial before heading to the docks. A customs official, a Mr. Hugh Brannough, was cocking up the shipment of some of their badly needed merchandize. Well Mr. Brannough, I'm coming for you!

A shiver suddenly raced down Hugh's spine, as he sat at his desk at the docks. I wonder what the hell that was about? Shrugging, he went back to work…

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4.5 out of 5 stars

This may only be my second book by this author but I can easily say I'm looking forward to the next book in this series. 

Desdemona Darkly is a very successful adult toy business deep in the heart of Seattle. Run by Mickey and his ex-partner Dag, they started the business out of their apartment and built it into a huge multi-million dollar company. Along the way they had a messy breakup but are now at least amicable business partners if not sort of friends. 

Mickey, though, is realizing he's lonely after all this time but he's so focused on the business and things going on that it's hard for him to pull his head out of that to date. Later on in the book we actually find out that's not the only reason why he has issues with dates sticking around. Because Mickey is so focused on the company when a shipment is stuck at the Customs house for the 3rd month in a row, he goes over and takes matters into his own hands. And this is how he meets the gorgeous, fuzzy 'bear' that is Hugh Brannough. 

A kilt-wearing, Scots accented transplant, Hugh lives day to day and paycheck to paycheck. Having twin teenage boys he helps to provide for along with his daily living expenses leaves little over for extras in his life. He gets the surprise of his life when Mickey gets up in his face over the 'captive' shipment of sex toys they need to launch their new product line. Both men are totally what trips the other man's fantasies. 

There were some great, funny and even sweet moments in this book, mostly between Hugh and Mickey, but there were a few between Hugh and his boys Fergus and Angus. There is also a strong cast of secondary characters that really helped to flesh out the story and give it that touch of fun but dysfunctional family. Dag provided a tiny bit of conflict, along with the mostly normal teen angst of two highly hormonal 15 almost 16 year old boys. 

Otherwise this is really a relationship based story, a new couple going through the highs and lows of figuring this new relationship thing out as they go along. The sex scenes between Hugh and Mickey are off the charts HOT! And Hugh.. in a KILT with Doc Martens! Talk about sexy imagery, especially the day he takes the shipment of vibrators to Desdemona Darkly's warehouse after they are finally released. That scene made me laugh out loud like crazy. 

All in all a highly readable and enjoyable story with fantastic characters. I look forward to the future releases from Matthew Ortiz.

Author Bio:

Mathew Ortiz was born in Nuremburg Germany in 197O, the son of a quiet Army man and his loud Hungarian wife. Spending only two years in Germany, his family relocated to Fort Smith, Arkansas where he spent his youth in exile. Here is where he attended primary school and college, obtaining a degree in Nursing. He moved to Phoenix and met the bane and love of his life, Tim. When not on his laptop watching Are You Being Served or Keeping Up Appearances, Matt can be found either napping or reading with gusto.

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