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Going Deep by Silvia Violet - Blog Tour with Review and Giveaway

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Going Deep
Fitting In Series Book 4
Silvia Violet
M/M Romance

Going Deep Cover

Cover Design: Meredith Russell
Cover Photo: Dan Skinner Photography
Release Date: 2.22.16


Gray, Jack, and Mason are back. Their threeway relationship keeps growing stronger, and Gray 's feelings for his partners run deeper than he ever thought possible. While he’s learned to be romantic at home, at work, he’s still a big tough cop that nobody wants to cross. When the murders of several young prostitutes falls to him to solve, and he has no suspects and no motive, his confidence takes a hit. Every dead end, every day that goes by, adds to the urgency he feels to find the murderer.

Gray desperately needs a break, with the case and for himself. He excels at taking care of both his men, in bed and out, but when it comes to accepting comfort in return, he shuts down, even with everything at work going to hell. Jack and Mason want him to take a vacation when the case ends, but Gray knows he sucks at down time unless it’s spent in bed. With his case weighing on him and his partners trying their best to help, Gray is going to have to figure out how a high-handed man like himself can let go.




Mason cupped Gray’s face and turned him for a kiss. As Mason’s tongue made a lazy exploration of his mouth, Jack slid from the couch and knelt before him. Gray opened his legs, encouraging Jack to settle between them. If they’d asked him, Gray would’ve said he was too tired for anything but cuddling and watching a movie. Now his cock was trying to convince him he was very wrong.

Gray tightened his grip on Mason and deepened the kiss, letting Mason know he’d had enough of slow. Jack unfastened Gray’s pants and nuzzled his cock. Mason did some unzipping of his own and repositioned himself, slinging a leg over Gray and offering his cock for Gray to suck. No way in hell was Gray going to refuse him. Jack had Gray’s dick out now and was lapping the head as Gray gripped Mason’s hip in one hand and used the other to guide Mason’s cock into his mouth. Jesus, he tasted good. Gray loved the way the thick flesh filled his mouth, the way Mason wasn’t shy like he would’ve been at one time.

Gray was on sensation overload as Jack sucked him hard and fast while working a hand between Gray’s legs to tease his ass. As Jack’s finger brushed over Gray’s hole, Gray moaned around Mason’s cock and Mason’s gasp told him just how much he enjoyed the vibration.

“So fucking good,” Mason murmured.

Gray grabbed Mason’s ass and pulled him in, letting him know he was ready for Mason to get rough.

Jack pushed a finger into Gray’s ass, and that plus Mason’s dick driving down his throat was enough to send Gray over the edge. He reached for Jack, sliding a hand into his hair and thrusting deeper into his mouth. Seconds later he was coming, and Jack took it all, swallowing rapidly like he wanted nothing more than Gray’s cum. Mason pulled back, letting Gray enjoy the orgasm.

“Get each other off,” Gray ordered when he could speak. “I want to watch.”

Mason climbed off the couch and pulled Jack to his feet. He licked his palm and then wrapped a hand around both their cocks. Jack thrust into his hand, and Mason increased his speed as Jack pulled him in for a kiss.

Gray couldn’t take his eyes off them. Soon Jack had covered Mason’s hand with his own. Gray sensed that they were seconds from coming.

4 out of 5 stars

Going Deep is the fourth book in Silvia Violet's Fitting In series. This is a series that is very interconnected so it is best read in order. 

Gray, Jack, and Mason are back in this installment of the series. Gray is now a detective working a seriously tough case that is kicking his butt. He feels like he's not making a dent in the case and he's putting a ton of pressure on himself to resolve it. Gray's biggest problem, though, is that he doesn't share the burden of what he's internalizing with his partners. He's the protector, the dominant, so to him it's his job to take care of both Jack and Mason. 

Now that's not to say that they're triad's relationship isn't solid. It's very strong, and solid. It's just that Gray, himself is very hard on himself and doesn't like to lean on anyone. Jack, Mason, and Gray together are by turns sexy as hell, completely loving, and adorably playful. They know what works for their relationship, and love when Gray turns on the dominant side of himself.

Going Under is a little slower paced and delves quite a bit into Gray's head and emotions for this story. It's still a very good story, with Jack, Mason, and Gray adapting their relationship and working through issues. This book is more about their triad being able to handle the bumps in the road that long term relationships go through. Going Under had pretty much everything you could ask for from a good menage/poly romance story. Of course the sex scenes were enough to scorch the pages, both when Gray gets all dominant, and also when Jack and Mason turn it on Gray. 

Anyone that has read the rest of the series, this is a must read. For those that haven't read the series, you really should as this is Silvia Violet at her best.


Silvia Violet writes erotic romance in a variety of genres including sci fi, paranormal, alternate history, and historical.

She can often be found haunting coffee shops looking for the darkest, strongest cup of coffee she can find. Once equipped with the needed fuel, she can happily sit for hours pounding away at her laptop. Silvia typically leaves home disguised as a suburban stay-at-home-mom, and other coffee shop patrons tend to ask her hilarious questions like "Do you write children's books?" She loves watching the looks on their faces when they learn what she's actually up to. When not writing, Silvia enjoys baking sinful chocolate treats, exploring new styles of cooking, and reading children's books to her wickedly smart offspring.



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