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Succumbing To His Fear by River Mitchell - Blog Tour with Review

TITLE: Succumbing to his Fear
AUTHOR NAME:  River Mitchell 
GENRE:  M/M Contemporary Romance
Length:  62,000


After a life changing event makes Alfie the legal guardian of his estranged step-siblings, as well as a chance meeting one drunken night, he finds his world turned upside down when he discovers that everything he thought he knew about himself was catastrophically wrong.

Before meeting Alfie and his family, Fear was content with his casual hookups and one-night stands, purposefully keeping everyone at an arm’s length. As Alfie comes into his burgeoning feelings, a curveball shakes the two men, threatening to destroy Fear and his new found chance at happiness with Alfie. 

With everything thrown into turmoil, Fear decides to fight for those he loves, Alfie and his family included. Will they be able to survive the collateral damage around them, or will they lose everything?

4.5 out of 5 stars

Succumbing To His Fear is the debut book by author River Mitchell, and what a debut book it turned out to be. I was happily surprised because this story pretty much hit it out of the park for me, out of nowhere too! 

The story starts off with Alfie completely uprooting his life to move from England to the States in order to take over guardianship of his much younger siblings. Now from the moment you meet Alfie you can see he's a sweetheart and is dealing with quite a bit from his past and now his new future. It makes you want to wrap this young man up tight and give him hugs for days. Not only does he have to parent his siblings that he's never met but he's moving away from his family and all his friends. So with life throwing him an unexpected twist, he adapts as much as he can but still finds himself a bit lost with no one here to ground him. 

If Alfie doesn't steal your heart then his brother Griffin and sister Lily most definitely will, because they are adorable. Griffin is dealing with a bunch of separation anxiety but little Miss Lily is a feisty girl who is ready to take the world on. After she gives her big brothers lots of love. Then they meet the tattooed mountain that is Fear and with him, all his friends. 

Fear, his sister Hailey, and the family that they've made with their friends is a force to be reckoned with. They are fiercely loyal and protective of each other. They're all just a touch intimidating as a group, especially for Alfie. Even if he can't keep his eyes off Fear, even though he isn't sure why he can't look away. Fear has always known he'd find the One... and from the moment he lays eyes on Alfie well let's just say Fear is smitten. If a 6ft 5, grumpy gus can be smitten that is. 

Yes, Succumbing To His Fear is a bit of an Insta-Love book, but really Alfie and Fear together are about as perfect as you can get. They honestly are the one person that makes the other one complete, even at the start when they're just friends they have that bond. It just steadily strengthens and grows throughout the book. They really are a case of opposites attract but in the best way possible. Fear is a protector, Alfie is a nurturer, and between the two of them they make the entire group stronger. 

Succumbing To His Fear is a great first book, it shows off this author's writing skills with a strong well paced storyline, and a solid cast of main and secondary characters. She added in enough humor to make you laugh out loud, enough seriousness and emotions to make you sniffle, and just a touch of suspense to give it that added zing. I know after reading this I've found a new author to add to my one to watch list. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys Riley Hart, or Felice Stevens.


I have always been a lover of anything that allows my imagination to fly. Movies, music, art and of course books of all genres. The opportunity to slip away to another world and live out all sorts of fantasies was the perfect happy place I needed at times, my great escape.

It didn’t take long for my love of reading to transform into a desire to write a book of my very own. But being severely dyslexic I never thought that would be a possibility. Enter my guardian angel with her un-fleeting encouragement and I started out on a rollercoaster journey to make my dream come true. 

When I am not writing I can often be found listening to rock music while delving into the life of a gorgeous Alpha male, drawing and painting or trying to teach my cats, Boo fishcakes and Edward Elton to play fetch. (Don’t ask they think they’re dogs and I am not going to squash their dream). 

My biggest wish is that people could find their happy place in the words that I write, and hope that I can inspire others to know that if I can do it they can share their amazing worlds and imaginations too.

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