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A Matter of Duty by J.C. Long - Blog Tour with Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway

Title:  A Matter of Duty
Series: Hong Kong Nights, book 1
Author: J.C. Long
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: March 6
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Male
Length: 85000
Genre: Romance, LGBT, Gay, kidnapping, Hong Kong, gangs, romance


Noah Potter has come to Hong Kong to find his missing sister, Lianne, who disappeared after leaving him a voice mail pleading for his help. Unfortunately the Hong Kong police are unwilling to help him, so Noah has to find her himself.

Noah’s search for his sister brings him across Wei Tseng, leader of the Dragons, a group of dedicated men and women willing to do whatever it takes to keep their district safe from the violence and triads that plague the rest of the city’s underworld. Wei is a man of violence but also one of incredible compassion, and his history is one that resonates with Noah, igniting a passion neither man expects.

Together they search for Lianne, a search that will lead right into a conflict with the Dragons’ greatest rivals in the city.


Welcome to the next stop on my promotional blog tour for A Matter of Duty! I can't tell you how excited I am to bring you an exclusive excerpt of the story--this one the first time our Mc Noah Potter meets love interest Wei Tseng (though I wouldn't call it a meet-cute). I hope you enjoy!

Noah explained everything, then, about his sister’s departure, the silence between the two of them, and the sudden phone call. He also added what he’d learned from Pam at the noodle shop.

“Do you have a picture?”

Noah nodded, digging into his pocket and handing the picture to Inspector Hong. He studied it closely for a moment before setting it down on the desk between the two of them. “Other than what you’ve told me, you don’t have any idea where she might have gone or done? Any friends in Hong Kong who might know where she is?”

Noah shook his head. “I don’t know. She didn’t tell me anything about her time here, so I have absolutely no idea what she was up to. If I know Lianne, she was at a lot of night clubs. She enjoyed going out, seeing the nightlife in a new place.”

Inspector Hong pursed his lips. “That’s not much to go on, but it’s a—” He stopped talking, eyes moving over Noah’s shoulder as a sudden ruckus rose behind him. Noah turned to see what was going on as he heard the officer at the front desk say, “You can’t go back there!” to a man who clearly had no intention of listening to him.

The man was one of the most striking people Noah had ever laid eyes on. He would not be surprised if his mouth hung open as he looked. Not much taller than Noah, the guy had something about him, this raw, masculine power that drew Noah in quickly. He could almost smell the testosterone and sensuality that radiated from him. His face was a bit too hard to be called handsome—but he was all the more sexy for it. The tight gray material of his shirt displayed his body nicely, the right arm giving the barest flashes of a tattoo beneath the sleeve as it moved with him.

Noah had never gotten so instantly erect just from seeing a guy before. The guy that caused that boner moved right toward him, too. A sudden surge of fear replaced the arousal; he wouldn’t call the look on this guy’s face a happy one. Noah didn’t think he’d like to make enemies with this guy.

“Another one, Hong,” the guy spat, storming up to Inspector Hong’s desk. Hong rose, meeting the challenge with an almost bemused expression. He didn’t seem intimidated by this newcomer, though Noah sure was. Noah was very glad to be ignored right then. “You don’t look surprised, so I guess you already fucking knew. Already ruled a goddamn overdose? Are you fucking kidding me?”

“They were overdoses, Wei,” Hong said patiently, crossing his arms across his chest.
“Don’t call me that, like you know me, like we’re friends,” the other guy—Wei—hissed. Noah guessed there was some history there. “The newest girl—she was fucking eighteen, by the way, Allen, eighteen—barely just turned up and you fuckin’ bastards have already ‘closed the case’? What is this bullshit? What’s it gonna take, huh?”

“You want to talk about this rationally, fine, but as you can see—” Inspector Hong gestured at Noah with his right hand, and Noah wished he hadn’t, because those blazing, furious eyes were on Noah, and he felt himself shudder—from what, exactly, he couldn’t say. “—I’m with someone.”

“Oh, I get it,” Wei said bitterly, looking at the picture of Lianne on the desk. “Looks like the fucking Hong Kong Police Force can’t be relied on to investigate the shit happening to their own people, but let a foreigner go missing and it gets top-fucking-priority.” Wei stepped in close to the inspector, and Noah’s breath caught in his throat. For a moment, he thought the men would come to blows, but they didn’t. “What if these girls’ skin had been white, huh?”

“That’s enough! This is a police station, not the sort of alleys and playgrounds you thugs are used to!” The superintendent’s office door was now open, the man inside drawn out by the noise in the bullpen. The superintendent didn’t look like much to Noah; he was a man probably in his sixties, bald except for a few tufts of gray hair over his ears on either side of his head, with thick, unkempt eyebrows that gave his face a comical cast. He was skin and bones; the suit he wore might have looked good on someone who could actually fill it out, but it simply hung loosely from Henry Dang.

“Superintendent Dang. Always a pleasure.” The words and eyes said it was anything but.

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J.C. Long is an American expat living in Japan, though he’s also lived stints in Seoul, South Korea—no, he’s not an army brat; he’s an English teacher. He is also quite passionate about Welsh corgis and is convinced that anyone who does not like them is evil incarnate. His dramatic streak comes from his life-long involvement in theater. After living in several countries aside from the United States J. C. is convinced that love is love, no matter where you are, and is determined to write stories that demonstrate exactly that. J. C. Long’s favorite things in the world are pictures of corgis, writing and Korean food (not in that order…okay, in that order). J. C. spends his time not writing thinking about writing, coming up with new characters, attending Big Bang concerts and wishing he was writing. The best way to get him to write faster is to motivate him with corgi pictures. Yes, that is a veiled hint.

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