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Promises Part 3 by A.E. Via - Blog Tour with Excerpt and Giveaway

Author A.E. Via
Title:  Promises Part 3
Edited by: Tina Adamski
Cover Artist – Jay Aheer
Release Date: June 30, 2017


A bounty hunter’s partners to lovers’ story.

The hunt is on… and he’s the prey.

Bradford (Ford) King was sure he had the rest of his life mapped out. Though he was no longer a SEAL Lieutenant, his brother was home safe and he had a job that still allowed him to satisfy his hunger for hunting bad guys. Life was simple, no distractions or complications – at age forty-six – that’s all Ford wanted. What he didn’t want was his work partner, sniper/watchman, Dana, giving him s**t all the time. 

Dana Cadby had grown up labeled a roughneck from the wrong side of the tracks. He’d fought, scrounged, and survived despite a father that constantly told him he couldn’t. Dana pulled himself up by his own boot straps and made a name for himself in the marksman community. He’d been Duke’s bounty watchman for five years. It was his job to ensure their safety, watch their backs. At thirty-three, he was trusted, well respected by his peers, his bosses, his friends… so why couldn’t he earn the same respect from his partner? 

Dana knew he was bisexual before he graduated high school. He also knew he was attracted to the huge, 6’3”, SEAL from the moment he and his brother came to join their team. It wasn’t easy for him to tamp down his immediate reaction to Ford’s thick muscles, full beard, and dark eyes. Still, Dana exhibited nothing but professionalism towards him, not wanting to make his ‘straight’ partner uncomfortable. 

After Dana took back his ex-girlfriend, he’d noticed an intensification in Ford’s bad attitude. One that turned aggressive and downright antagonistic, and Dana was damned if he’d just lay down and take it. He was gonna make that man respect him if it was the last thing he did. 

When Duke sends Dana and Ford out to track down their most dangerous bounty yet, they both embrace the fact that they make one hell of a team… but they fight tooth and nail against the powerful intimacy brewing between them. 
Beware: When Ford and Dana connect, no fugitive can hide from the hunter and his watchman.

This story is a part of a series but can stand alone. It does not end on a cliffhanger and has a HEA. 

Disclaimer: This book is about MM romance, albeit there is a very brief MF scene.


Damn, why does he have to look so good? Ford could’ve easily blamed his demand for Dana to dump his girlfriend on the multiple beers he’d had, but that was pointless because he’d been far from drunk. He’d wanted to put his hands on Dana, but he wouldn’t take what belonged to someone else. Dana’s response to him had been so heady, so much more than he’d expected. His partner’s heavy pants and the scent of desperation flooded Ford’s senses, and that’s what made him drunk. It was as if Dana hadn’t been touched in years, like he hadn’t received affection. Which couldn’t be the case because the man’s dance card seemed to stay packed.

“Afternoon,” Dana said when he moved past Ford’s desk to his own. A sexy soap and water smell drifted to him, followed with a subtle hint of cologne.

“Hey,” Ford managed. His dick was horribly restricted in his leather.

“What’s new? Why are we dressed to hunt? Did Duke get a tip on the Grossmans’ location?” Dana asked.

Brian looked up from his computer, signing way too fast for Dana to keep up, so Ford translated.

“One of Duke’s contacts came through with a tip. Said that Ray Grossman’s main girl hangs out at this ritzy bar called The Grove in Buckhead. The have a male review on Sunday nights. From what the guy said, she practically hosts the event. It’s for the high-end crowd with money to spend. Duke doesn’t think the Grossmans are there, but he wants us to see if you—” Ford pointed at Dana, “can get close enough to her and try to get her car information so I can LoJack it in the parking lot. Maybe she’ll lead us to them.”

Dana looked doubtful at hearing the plan and Ford knew why. It was risky at best.
“Get close to her. If she’s Ray’s main squeeze, then no doubt she’ll be protected. Watched like a hawk,” Dana responded.

“Or not. This is what she’s always done and it’s not a place that Atlanta’s most-wanted hang out at. It’s for the upper class,” Ford countered.

“So, we get in how?” Brian signed.

“You’re going, too?” Ford frowned.

“Yes. Duke wants all of us there on the off chance a Grossman might rear his ugly head. He and Quick will be on location, waiting for the tracker to be put in place. The guy at the door is doing us a favor – after Duke paid him five hundred to let us in, no questions asked. Hell, we could probably pass for the entertainment for the evening.” Brian put his hands down and blew a teasing kiss at Dana.

“Forget that. I told y’all last month. I won’t be pimped out again,” Dana grumbled. “Assholes.”

Ford laughed and Dana’s head jerked up in surprise, a slight quirk of his own mouth making a beautiful appearance. They shared a brief look before getting back on topic.

“No one is pimping anyone,” Ford assured him. “We’ll do what we do. Be subtle.”

“We hardly look subtle in black on black on black. You guys look like you’re going to stick up the place and I look like I just robbed a liquor store.” Dana looked back and forth between them. “Not to mention all the weapons we have on us.”

“So what are you trying to say?” Ford smirked.

“We look like thugs, Bradford! We should’ve dressed like we were going to schmooze with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, not attack them.”

Schmooze? Ford loved when Dana got passionate about the job. His big brown eyes danced with each word he spoke and his chest stuck out even farther as he got worked up. Ford stood and went to the vault where he kept his gadgets, he was ready to get out there with his partner. He felt he was being watched as he walked across the room. When he looked back, he saw Dana’s ravenous eyes leveled on his ass. Even when he’d stopped walking, Dana was still gawking. Ford cleared his throat and Dana’s eyes snapped up, his cheeks turning red so fast Ford thought they might spontaneously combust. Maybe the man really did find him sexy. He hoped so. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold everything in. He’d had the tiniest taste of Dana’s skin, not nearly enough to quench his hunger or curiosity. He needed more.



A.E. Via is an author in the beautiful gay romance genre and also founder and owner of Via Star Wings Books. Her writing embodies everything from hopelessly romantic to adventure, to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.

When she’s not clicking away at her laptop, she devotes herself to her family—a husband and four children.

Adrienne has tons of more stories to tell, so be sure to visit her site to learn more! Go to A.E. Via’s official website  for more detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, VSWB submissions, and where she’ll appear next.


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