Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Curse of Salar by Alexis Duran - Book Blast with Giveaway

Author Name: Alexis Duran

Book Name: Curse of Salar
Series: Masters and Mages
Book: Three
Book can be read as a standalone
Publisher: Loose ID
Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde

Release Date: January 5, 2016


Into his lonely existence comes a man who should be his sworn enemy; Captain Rayn Nevar.  Dezra is irresistibly drawn to the rough soldier and his longing for a simple sexual encounter quickly builds into a dangerous obsession.

Captain Rayn Nevar knows he should stay away from Prince Dezra, but his desire for the beautiful young man overrides all common sense. Rayn soon finds himself protecting the prince from a plot to destroy the last of the mages.

When treachery leads to Dezra's escape, he is at last free to unlock his long repressed powers.  Only the arrival of a mysterious monk with powers greater than Dezra's stops the prince from using sorcery to destroy all who stand in his way, including Rayn.

As Jahar edges toward another war between masters and mages, Rayn must question his devotion to his increasingly deadly lover while Dezra must decide if ultimate power is worth the ultimate sacrifice.

Pages or Words: 82,000 words

Categories: Fantasy, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance

"What?" Dezra asked, incredulous.
"You heard me."
Nevar stripped off his silk shirt and tossed it aside. The sight of his finely sculpted chest arrested the biting retorts that leaped to Dezra's tongue. The captain's skin was smooth and slicked with sweat. A fine trail of curly black hair began at his sternum and disappeared beneath the line of his belt.
Dezra forced his gaze up to discover to Nevar smirking at him. Before Nevar could summon an insult to put the captain in his place, Nevar sat on the bed.
"Help me with my boots. Or is that beneath you, Prince?"
Nevar leaned back with his arms behind him, weight resting on his palms. He stuck one foot out. The languid expanse of his body beckoned.

Meet the author:

Alexis Duran was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. At the University of Oregon, her fascination with people and relationships led her to major in Sociology, but her main love has always been creative writing.  She's worked in museums, fashion, finance and film production. Her favorite job so far was inventorying the collection in a haunted Victorian Mansion.  She is the author of the Masters and Mages and Edge of Night erotic m/m fantasy series.  Her fiction has won several awards including the Rupert Hughes Award from the Maui Writers Conference. She lives with one dog and four and a half cats.  She is currently working on the next Edge of Night novel and several other erotic novellas.

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Rafflecopter Prize: eBook copy of first two books in the Masters and Mages series, Touch of Salar and Blood of Salar

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