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Disarming My Destiny by Taylor Rylan - Release Blitz

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Disarming My Destiny
Sulfur Springs Series, Book 5
Taylor Rylan
M/M Romance
Release Date: 03.27.19

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US Marshal Bishop Jones has known heartache unlike someone his age should. After losing his only parent, he’s found himself completely and utterly alone with only his dog for company. Working long hours and being new to the area doesn’t give many opportunities for him to get out and meet someone.

Veterinarian Xander Garrison has devoted his life to four-legged critters. Between his vet clinic and the animal shelter he helps his mother run, he doesn’t have a lot of free time. But the lonely nights are getting longer and he wants more than just a warm body from the latest hookup. He wants a partner and lover he can count on.

There is an obvious attraction between the two men but the animosity Xander has toward Bishop is stronger than a rawhide bone. But when Bishop needs Xander’s help with a case, Xander sees a new side of the deputy and wonders if he was too quick to judge. Can their attraction disarm the locks around their hearts? After all, destiny and one tiny little furball have something else in mind.

Disarming My Destiny is the fifth book in the Sulfur Springs series. This is a Men of Crooked Bend spin-off, but it isn’t a requirement that you read that series to enjoy this one. Familiar faces will be seen, but this series takes you off of the ranch and into the lives of those in Sulfur Springs. While each book will focus on a different couple, you should read them in order. Each book contains sexually explicit material between two men and is intended for adults over 18.

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Why was it that people who had no business having pets always had them? I had a few minutes after Mrs. Smith and her cat, Inky, left. Somehow that appointment went smoothly. Usually Inky wasn’t one for playing nice.
I glanced at the chart of my next patient and smiled. Oreo. Oreo Jones had been a patient here for only a year, but already I was completely in love with the little Havanese. She was a sweetheart that spent way too much time in our doggy daycare facility as well as being boarded for several weeks at a time here and there. And that was why people like her owner shouldn’t have pets.
“Doc, Deputy Hunk is here with Oreo,” Ezra said.
“Deputy Hunk?” I asked, confused as I looked at the chart again. It said Bishop Jones was her owner. Then it hit me and I groaned. “Ezra, I’ve told you that you have to be professional. That’s not—”
“Thanks, Pinky. You’re not really my type though. I usually go for older men,” the tall blond man with a Southern accent said from directly behind Ezra. My trying office manager turned and stared up at the other man, who simply smiled down at Ezra. Yeah, I could certainly see why he called him Deputy Hunk. Damn. Why did he have to be Oreo’s owner? And why did I have to be so damn attracted to the man?
“As if. You wish you could have this. I need a man that’s home on the regular. And you, sir, aren’t.”
“But yet, you just called me Deputy Hunk. By the way, there’s a lady and her cat in the room you told me to go into, Pinky.”
“My name’s Ezra.”
“Yeah, and mine’s Bishop, not Deputy Hunk. But your hair looks like cotton candy. Or bubble gum. It’s interesting. I know a guy who had to stop bleaching his when it started falling out. You have that problem yet?”
Ezra gasped and put both hands on his hair before he started patting and smoothing it back into place. As if it could move with all of the product he put in it.
“Ezra, which room did you put him in?”
“I just came out of three. Did Mrs. Smith not leave yet?” I asked, concerned. I picked up the chart and walked toward the pair standing at the door to my office.
“She did. So I’m not sure who…oh hi, Anne,” Ezra said as my mother came out of exam room three, carrying Snowball, one of her cats.
“Mom? What are you doing here? I thought you and John were skiing this weekend?”
“We are. I realized Snowball was due for her checkup though.”
I ran my fingers through my hair, frustrated. “Mom, you know Saturdays are busy. Why don’t you take her to your vet at Second Chance?”

“He quit.”



The Men of Crooked Bend Series is what started it all for me and it’s seems I’m having a difficult time letting those men go! It was originally supposed to be a trilogy but it's up to nine books now and the tenth and final book is planned for June! In the Men of Crooked Bend series, you get to know the cowboys and other men of Wild Creek Ranch in Crooked Bend, Wyoming (a totally fictitious town). The series is set in the foothills of the Grand Teton Mountains, a place I fell in love with as a teenager.

I have a closely related spin-off series called Sulfur Springs. In it you leave Wild Creek and go to the little neighbor town of Sulfur Springs and meet the sexy men of the Sulfur Springs Fire Depart as well as quite a few US Marshals. You see some familiar faces but you also meet some very new ones. It’s currently up to four books with at least three or four more planned.

I love to read, it’s always been one of my favorite things to do since I can remember. When I started writing, I couldn't decide if I wanted to write contemporary or paranormal as I love both. I chose contemporary but still, paranormal was talking to me and those darn shifters kept saying, “tell our story, it’ll be fun.” So I did. And it was. That’s how I started my Honey Creek Den series. Honey Creek is another totally fictitious town set on Flathead Lake (a real place) in Montana. I've never been there, but hope to get there at some point.

Honey Creek Den is up to five books, and the sixth and final book in that series will be released in April 2019. After, I’ll pick back up with the Timber Valley Wolf Pack because everyone wants to meet Forest’s brothers, right?

When I'm not busy writing about cowboys, architects, sheriffs, firefighters, US Marshals, bears, tigers, or warlocks (to name just a few), I like to read (who doesn't?). Because of my limited free time, I’m fond of short stories and novellas. I’m mom to three busy teenagers who are determined to be in every activity imaginable it seems. And a cat named Lucky that we’re positive is an alien that was sent to spy on us 😉

I can be found on Amazon, Book Bub, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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