Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cursed Vengeance by Brandy L Rivers and Rebecca Brooke - Release Blitz with Excerpt


Brandy L Rivers
Rebecca Brooke 

Sierra prefers to avoid the Pine Barrens—the folklore and myths always left her uneasy. Which only grows worse when she runs into a man, and her first instinct is to help. The stranger tests her patience before disappearing and she can’t shake the instant, shocking attraction. 

One chance meeting deep in the woods and Dylan is lost. The woman with red hair and blue eyes tempts his most primal nature to claim something he’s never wanted. As a male of his pack, destined to die on his thirty-fifth birthday, he does not want to claim anyone. Not unless they can find an answer to a fifty-year-old curse. 

Sierra learns things aren’t always as they seem. Her brother and his best friend Dylan are werewolves with limited time and they believe she may be the key to breaking the curse. Dylan will do everything he can to convince her werewolves aren’t simply a nightmare lurking in the pines. They need her help to break the curse and save their pack. 

But first, she has to accept a birthright she doesn’t believe in... 


The second Sierra walked back toward the kitchen, I felt the loss of her presence almost as a tangible thing. My eyes didn’t stray from the way her hips swayed as she moved.
Sean smacked me across the back of my head.
“I told you, she’s off limits,” Sean practically snarled, dragging me back out onto the porch.
Even though I hadn’t wanted to face the possibility the other night, it became blindingly obvious. Not once in the last thirty-four years had I expected or hoped for this to happen, the moment I met my mate. Quite the opposite actually. Unfortunately, now that it had there was no ignoring reality. I could try and fight it. My time was limited anyway. Not like that would necessarily work. It hadn’t for so many others. Usually it only took days for them to give in to what they couldn’t control. Either way, the time to fess up was now.
Taking a step back, out of Sean’s reach, I lifted my head and blurted out what I knew to be the truth. “I don’t think it’s going to be that simple.”
His head snapped toward me so fast, I thought it might keep spinning around like the fucking poltergeist.
“What did you just say?”
His hands clenched into fists at his sides and I could see his beast rising to the surface when his eyes began to glow. Retreating another step, I put my hands up in surrender. The last thing Sierra needed tonight was to come out here and see two wolves fighting. I could tell she didn’t exactly believe anything we’d told her yet.
“Sean, it’s not like I knew this was going to happen. You of all people know I spent my whole life hoping I’d never find her.”
His power glowed even brighter in his eyes. “Goddammit. You’re telling me my sister, my little sister, is your mate?”
“Yes.” He took a step toward me. “But I never said I was going to do anything about it. I’m going to try my hardest to keep my hands to myself.”
“You bet your ass you will.”
“Sean, I don’t want to hurt Sierra with all the bullshit that comes from our pack. I know with your mom’s death you’ve both been through enough this year.”
His shoulders slumped and the glow faded. “And now she’s on the verge of losing me too. Sierra’s a fighter, always has been. I’m not sure how much shit anyone can take before it takes its toll. I don’t care how strong you are.”
Seeing him relax allowed me to let my guard down. I really didn’t want to fight my best friend.
“I promise you I will do everything I can to fight the pull between the two of us. She never has to know I’m her mate.”

He shook his head. “I’m not stupid. If you’ve figured it out, you already know she’s feeling the same thing as you. She doesn’t know how to label it. And since she’s a witch she should feel it even stronger.”

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