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Rockin' It Forever by Morticia Knight - Blog Tour with Exclusive Excerpt, Review, and Giveaway

Bryan and Aubrey's story continues in Rockin' it Forever

Can the touch of a rock god last forever?

Music journalist Bryan Gallagher’s life has completely changed in an unexpected way. Not only has he snagged a dream assignment as the memoirist to alternative music’s rock superstar Aubrey King, but he’s also promised to give the beautiful and enigmatic musician a chance for them to forge a relationship. It’s all very overwhelming for Bryan since, up until he spent a sexually charged day and night with Aubrey, Bryan has never even dreamed of being with a man.
Aubrey is completely smitten with the boyishly handsome, young rock writer, Bryan. After their instant spark grows into something more, Aubrey is desperate to keep Bryan by his side for always. He’s promised Bryan that their love is for real, that Bryan isn’t simply one of his rock star conquests.
Their road isn’t an easy one, though. Despite their deepening bond and growing need for each other, other factors intrude. Neither Aubrey nor Bryan is ready to come out, and their relationship needs to remain a carefully guarded secret. In addition, Aubrey has to answer to the demands of his profession and Bryan has to traverse the shifting waters between his personal and business relationship with his famous lover.
Then a secret is revealed and everything in their joint world implodes. When a love is so strong that two men can barely take a breath without thinking of the other, will that be enough to bridge the loss of trust? The only way they can rock their love forever is if Aubrey can reach Bryan before it’s too late.
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Early response to Rockin' it Forever...

"This book has it all: rocker musicians, incredible sexual chemistry, struggles with being in the closet, doubts regarding the relationship, intense feelings, and the amazing HEA with a forever kind of love."

Excerpt from Rockin' it Forever...

Aubrey Fucking King.
Bryan hid what he was certain would be a goofy grin behind his fingers. He didn’t need the older woman in the seat next to him on the plane to think he’d lost his entire mind. But the mutual masturbation with Aubrey in the shower that morning was emblazoned in his memory. Their inability to keep their hands off each other had left Bryan with precious little time to get to his hotel, grab his things then make it to the airport without missing his flight. Being trapped on the airplane for his journey from the west to the east coast was the first chance he’d had to relax and dwell on the previous couple of days filled with utter craziness. However, his immediate thoughts had landed on the visual of their slickened cocks rubbing together.
It was difficult to decide which event had him more thrilled, confused, elated, freaked out or stunned—that he’d had sex with his rock star idol or that he’d had sex with a man. He shook his head, unable to help himself.
“I’m sorry, but it’s inflight rules.”
Bryan jerked his chin up. “Huh?”
The flight attendant pointed at his laptop. “I said, you need to stow that for takeoff.”
“Oh! Sorry, I…uh, of course.”
His cheeks heated as if the pretty blonde attendant had any idea what sort of filthy thoughts had been drifting through his mind. She was the sort of woman he’d always been drawn to—confident, attractive, feminine. Another thought tried to wriggle its way into his ponderings, but he preferred putting it off for the time being. Everything had been so heated, so urgent between him and Aubrey—it had barely allowed him a moment to process the emerging lust and connection they now shared.
That was all real, right?
He idly played with the collar of his long-sleeved cotton shirt that was made up of a block plaid pattern in varying shades of blues and greens. Aubrey had commented on the colors, had said he liked the way Bryan’s lighter hair and deep blue eyes contrasted with them. Bryan allowed his fingers to travel under the fabric, to run across his clavicle. He couldn’t feel it—feel them—but he knew they were there. The marks Aubrey had sucked up on his skin. Then there’d been the rather prominent one Aubrey had asked Bryan to put on him so that everyone would know that Bryan was the one to whom Aubrey belonged.
It was silly, really, but it’d also been very sweet. People might surmise that Aubrey had been with someone, but they would have no idea it was rock journalist Bryan Gallagher. Bryan attempted to tamp down yet another unsettling thought and realized he was going to run out of space to hide from everything in his mind in an awfully short time.
No one will know because Aubrey won’t tell anyone he was with a man. But then again, neither will I.

Exclusive Excerpt 

Aubrey barked out an easy laugh and Bryan joined in. Once they’d gotten a hold of themselves, Bryan spoke up again.
“This is probably going to sound really stupid, but I have to ask.”
“Ask me whatever you want, Bry. I don’t want you to think I’ll mock you in any way. I get it, man. This is all new. Unexpected. You didn’t sign up for it and I guess…”
Bryan waited, but it seemed as if Aubrey might not continue. “You guess?”
“Aw, man. I suppose if I want you to feel free to say anything, I should give you the same respect. Like we said before—no games, no bullshit. Right?”
“Well, I’m worried I pushed you too fast. I’m not gonna lie. I wanted you before I met you, I… Shit.” Aubrey mumbled something unintelligible. “Fuck. We should wait to have this conversation in person.”
Bryan swallowed down the fear of what Aubrey might be about to reveal. “Come on, Aubrey. You’ve already brought it up and it’ll be at least a couple days before we can talk face to face.”
“Oh hey, that’s right. When are you—?”
“Aubrey. What conversation?”
Aubrey let out a slight groan on the other end. It didn’t sound happy. “Please, Bry. Please don’t be angry. I care about you. I believe in you as a writer. I wouldn’t want anyone else to do my memoir—I’d rather not do it at all if that were the case. This isn’t just about sex. For real, no games.”
“That’s… That’s all wonderful. But I don’t see how that would make me angry.”
What amounted to a small, strangled noise could be heard from Aubrey. “I only decided to do the memoir so I could have the chance to meet you.”
Aubrey’s confession was like a rock that had landed in the pit of Bryan’s stomach. “You… You what?” He breathed in through his nose a few times, his heart pounding at the thought he’d been played by the master player.
“Bry, baby, please listen. Think about it. I couldn’t very well call you up and ask you out on a date. I had no idea if you were gay or straight, or open to the possibility of exploring or if we’d click… Anyway, I wasn’t about to send you an email inquiring if you’d ever considered whether your sexual options should include cock.” Aubrey mumbled a ‘fuck’ under his breath. “Do you know how difficult it is to meet a decent guy in my position? Someone who I might actually have a real connection with, who might ‘get’ me?” Aubrey’s voice had risen in pitch. He paused, then sighed before speaking again. “I’m a public figure. I’m in the closet. The men I meet only want to put their dick into a celebrity or they want an out and proud partner. The few others who might be prospects are usually a part of the circle I’ve always traveled in—sanctioned members of the wretched institution we call the music business.
“I don’t like the industry. I hate the corporate machine. Does that mean I’m biting the hand that feeds me? Probably. But I can’t help it. I came back to the music biz because I decided I had more I wanted to say. I don’t need the cash. The adoration is great, as long as it’s from a place of sincerity, from a love of the tunes. But I don’t need that mindless hero worship I once had.”
Aubrey lowered his voice, spoke with a pleading tone that gripped Bryan’s heart. “I need real. A genuine bond. A future with the possibility of love. Everything I said to you before was the absolute fucking truth, Bry. I’ve been looking for someone who speaks the only language I understand, the language of music. When I asked you if you might be that someone, I said it from my heart. Yeah. I orchestrated our meeting and I’m damn glad I did. Because you’re the best person I’ve come across since I can remember and I’ll do anything to be worthy of you.”

4 out of 5 stars

Rockin' It Forever is the follow up book to Rockin' The Alternative. You must read the first story in order to read Rockin' It Forever as this introduces both characters, and sets up the relationship dynamic between Aubrey and Bryan. 

What would it be like to meet your Rock Idol? The person who was a major influence to your musical addiction. Would you be you around them, or would you be shy and not comfortable talking to them?  In Rockin' the Alternative, Bryan Gallagher got the surprise of his life when he met with Aubrey King for the possibility of writing his memoir. Then things sparked between then and Bryan ends up questioning everything he knows. Bryan and Aubrey part after a few days with the promise to meet back in Los Angeles for them to start on the memoir. 

This is where Rockin' It Forever picks up, within a few weeks of that initial meeting, Bryan and Aubrey are getting ready to see each other again. So many things are riding on what happens next for both men that they're nervous but almost silly excited to see the other. Once they get over that initial reconnect things fall into place. Of course that doesn't mean everything is easy because it's not. Both men are in the closet, trying to keep their relationship out of the public eye, and not even sharing it with friends and family. 

Rockin' it Forever is almost purely a relationship story because Bryan and Aubrey are figuring out what next with their relationship, their futures, and how do they want to continue with Aubrey in the spotlight. First Bryan has to realize he's okay with being bisexual, and then working through being in a relationship with a man, and a possible long term relationship even. 

I did enjoy this story, maybe not as much as Rockin' the Alternative. I know part of that is because this isn't the first blush of sexual attraction. This is the depths of a relationship being built, so it's messy with emotions and learning the other person's likes and dislikes, and your likes and dislikes of the other person. It's also learning where the relationship is going, and where and how Bryan and Aubrey fit together. 

I really liked Bryan through the entire story, but sometimes it felt like Aubrey was trying too hard. Both to win Bryan's affection, and to look like the perfect boyfriend. I think that if he'd have just been himself, which Bryan already liked that part of Aubrey, there would have been less reason for Aubrey to hide things from Bryan. Now that's not saying I didn't love the two of them together, I actually did..a lot. It's just the way Aubrey reacted and sometimes his internal dialogue was a bit over the top trying to get Bryan to want to be with him. 

I have to say I loved the music banter back and forth between Aubrey and Bryan because I, myself, am a music addict and love everything from music theory to obscure music trivia. I'd totally hang out with Bryan if he was real because I could talk to him for days on end about music. This is overall a good, solid book. More importantly is that it's a completion of Bryan and Aubrey's beginnings from the first book. 

I recommend reading both books to get the full enjoyment of the series. Anyone that loves their sexy rock stars or the cute musical geek who loves rocking out will thoroughly enjoy both books in the series. 

M/M Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys hot stories of men loving men forever after. They can be men in uniform, Doms and subs, rock stars or bikers - but they're all searching for the one (or two!) who was meant only for them.

When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She is currently working on more installments of Sin City Uniforms and The Hampton Road Club, as well as the follow-up to Bryan and Aubrey's story from Rockin' the Alternative.

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