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Shifting Cargo by Tina Blenke - Book Tour with Author Q & A and Giveaway

Author Name: Tina Blenke
Book Name: Shifting Cargo            
Series: Shifting Paradigm               
Standalone: Can be read as standalone
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Cover Artist: Latrisha Waters

Release Date: April 1, 2015


Ramey’s world is shattered when his brother dies suddenly. He tries to go through the motions, day by agonizing day, doing the best that he can at his job, but it’s not enough. Months of depression escalates into alcohol use and drug abuse to numb the pain. For the past year, he’s been dreading meeting with his lawyer and accepting his brother’s death. The pain becomes too much to bear and Ramey is caught with cocaine at work and fired immediately. When he hits rock bottom, he realizes that he’s disrespecting his brother’s memory and checks himself into rehab with the help of an unlikely friend.

Londyn’s life is perfect living as a wolf Shifter in the Pack Lands. He’s been working in the family business and happy living in his cabin in the woods. Londyn has high expectations for the perfect mate to make his life complete.

Can Ramey accept his destiny as a Shifter’s mate? And is his love for the wolf Shifter worth leaving behind the demons and the only world he’s ever known?

Pages or Words: 20,765

Categories: Erotica, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Romance


“It pleases me that you want to see my wolf so bad. Have a seat on that fallen log by the fire and watch the master at work.” Ramey took a seat as instructed and watched Londyn prepare for his shift. Londyn removed his clothing piece by maddening piece. It was a slow strip tease set to the music of the forest and Ramey swore all the blood left his body and pooled into his cock. Londyn’s body was absolutely lickable. He had definition in his lean muscles, his chest was smooth and hairless with pale pink nipples that Ramey couldn’t help but drool over. His back and legs had corded muscles and fine blond hair covered his legs and groin. Except for a few old scars, the man didn’t have a mark on him. No blemishes, birthmarks or tattoos and given his age it was odd that he didn’t have at least one. Ramey had never been with a man who didn’t have any ink. And the ass on his boyfriend. He had won the lottery ten times over. He had to sit on his hands to keep from reaching out and when he turned around, he caught Ramey ogling his mate.

“Hey, eyes are up here, sir.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just that—”

“Nah, just messing with you. I like your eyes on me.” Londyn’s own blues were dark with heat proving that Londyn was just as turned on as Ramey was by the show. It wasn’t just Londyn’s eyes giving away his arousal either.

About the author:

Tina is a retired Air Force brat and has lived in several states as well as a handful of countries. She has always had a soft spot for literature and is a voracious reader. When she isn't writing, she can be found cuddled up with a good book. Though Tina adores a thrilling novel with sappy lovesick heroes, she is terrified of things that go bump in the night. This makes for quite a complicated relationship with zombies, something that she just can't get enough of.

Where to find the author:

Ello: tinablenke

Short Q & A with author Tina Blenke: 

Wicked Faeries - What is one thing you’ll probably never include in your books?
Tina Blenke - Hmm, never say never right? I would probably never include any religious references or iconography in my stories. I have my own personal beliefs that others might not share so I think it’s best to leave those out of my own stories. I know other paranormal stories are chock full of religious paraphernalia in one form or another and I’m choosing not to do that in my own.

WF - What’s the last movie that you saw in the theater?  
TB - You know, I used to go to the movies all the time, especially growing up we went to the movies at least once a week. But now? Not so much. Maybe it’s the invention of wonderful things like Netflix but I find that I stay home much more to veg out on hours’ worth of cinematic goodness. That being said, I think the last movie I saw was Captain America’s Winter Soldier so it’s been a while.

WF - What book can you not live without? Could be your own or another author’s.  
TB - This is a really hard one! I’m going to cheat a little bit here and say it would have to be the complete works of Shakespeare. I’ve been in love with the bard’s prose since Romeo and Juliet when I was really little and all of his works can keep me busy for a bit.

WF - What genre have you wanted to write in but haven’t yet? Do you have any plans to write in that genre in the future?
TB - I’ve dabbled a bit in contemporary and it’s possible that this could be something that comes out sooner rather than later so maybe that doesn’t count.
I’ve also dabbled in M/F short stories and let’s just say that didn’t end well so I don’t think we have to worry about that venue…ever.
I just might get serious about YA LGBT romance though. It’s something that I’ve thought about and I’m not sure if I’ll ever venture there, but at the moment, let’s leave it as a definite maybe.

WF - What’s up next for you regarding your books and writing?
TB - I’m currently writing the next installment for the Shifting Paradigm that is even darker than Shifting Cargo. We’re dealing more with conflict between Shifters and Changeless and this might drift over into a fifth book as well. I’m enjoying the series so I’m following the lead from Eric and Jason.
I’m also working on another novel, as hinted above, that’s contemporary and full of angst that I’m surprised to find leaking out of my writing pores. It’s quite a bit finished so it should be ready for submission within the next couple of months.

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