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Home by Donna McIntosh - Cover Reveal

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LAPD Detective Sean Hennessey has one person he’s repeatedly tried to arrest and bring to justice: his nemesis, Mitchell Yates.
Yates has been in and out of trouble for years, always skating around the edges of LA’s underbelly; however, Sean can never pin anything on him.
But one night all of that changes.
Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, instead of arresting Yates, Sean is rescued by him and taken to Yates’ home—a satellite high above Earth. There, Sean discovers a world he thought possible only in Science Fiction.
Everything he believed he knew about Yates is turned upside down, and Sean must make a decision: to remain with the LAPD or join Yates and work toward intergalactic peace.

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DETECTIVE SEAN HENNESSEY entered the underground parking facility at his apartment complex and spotted a familiar face. “What the hell is he doing here?” he muttered into the darkness. He pulled up a short distance away from the other vehicle and cut the motor. “What are you up to now, you son of a bitch?” He scanned the area for any sign of trouble, while keeping a careful eye on his old nemesis, Mitchell Yates, who sat in a car two rows over.
Most law enforcement officers with any length of duty had one particular suspect who always seemed to get away. Sean’s was Yates. Over the years, he had been unable to pin anything on Yates to secure his arrest; no matter how many times the man had been either directly involved in or skated around the edges of a crime. Yates managed to slip away at the last moment, or, if caught, always had a solid alibi. Yates was dirty; Sean was sure about that. He was determined to find something on which to bring the man in, and make it stick.
Yates’ presence set Sean’s gut churning. Something had to be up, but he couldn’t see anything, and he couldn’t stay in his car all night. After another quick scan, he opened his door and warily stepped out of his vehicle. Shots rang out. Before he could draw his gun, it felt like someone had slammed him in the shoulder with a burning sledgehammer. He fell back against his car, then hit the cement floor. More shots were fired. Fighting a wave of pain, he heard running footsteps coming his way. Someone tugged on him, pulling him to his feet.
“Come on, Hennessey. Get up. I can’t carry yo.” More shots rang out as Yates hauled Sean to his car, shoved him to the floorboard of the front seat, vaulted over him into the driver’s seat, and keyed the ignition.
“What’s going on and what the hell are you doing here?” Sean demanded, grasping his shoulder in pain as bullets pinged off their vehicle. The windshield burst into a million pieces, showering him with glass. “Who are those people and what do they want?”

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About the Author

DONNA McINTOSH was born in Elmira, New York, grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, married a Texan and has lived all over Texas for the last thirty-plus years. Donna has four children, ran a Day Care Center for many years and has written fan fiction since she was thirteen.
Donna loves long walks so her mind can ramble. She loves reading and her tastes run from Historical novels, to Sci-Fi, Westerns, Classics, all the way to WWII and biographies. In short, anything that catches her eye.
Donna loves total quiet, very little TV, occasional movies, wildlife, beaches, birds, cats, newborn babies, flowers, and great big smiles. Oh, and hugs!
She hates flying, total darkness, people who talk endlessly about themselves, intolerance, and bigotry.
Donna’s biggest asset?  Her wild and endless imagination.
Her biggest flaw? She’s a Libran and simply cannot make a decision!

DONNA McINTOSH can be found at her website:

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