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Healing Him by A.T. Brennan - Release Blitz with Excerpt and Giveway

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Title: Healing Him
Author: A.T. Brennan
Series: The Den Boys #2
Release Date: August 29th 2017
Genre: MMM Erotic Contemporary Romance 



“I hated that I was like this, but after years of trying to work through it I was beginning to feel like I’d never be normal.” ~ Cody

Hiding the fact that I was in love with my best friend Isaac used to be the most complicated part of my day, until a chance meeting with a handsome stranger named Jonah sent my life into a tailspin. Scars from my past have stopped me from giving in to my desires for so long, but I’m done being afraid. I want both men. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to trust that anyone can love me.

“I knew it was a bit messed up, but there was no jealousy or envy when I thought of my men together.” ~ Isaac

I’ve loved Cody for as long as I’ve known him, but have always held back because of his past. Then I met Jonah and I knew there was no way I could choose between them. I want it all—the man I’ve loved for so long, and the one I’m quickly falling for. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

“I wanted to believe it was all true, but I couldn’t push aside the fear that I was just a distraction until the two of them got together.” ~ Jonah

After having my heart broken I never thought I’d find love again. I wasn’t looking for anything real, and then I met not one, but two men I can’t resist. Isaac and Cody are everything I ever wanted but didn’t know I could have. I want to believe the three of us can work, but a part of me can’t get past the fear that I’ll be the odd man out, again. 

*This is Book 2 of The Den Boys series, but can be read as a standalone - no cliffhangers. *This book is intended for an 18+ audience and is a story of male/male/male romance and love. There are graphic depictions of man parts doing naughty and sexy things, so please be sure this is the kind of book for you before reading.

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If he’d been any other guy I would have asked him out on a date, and gotten to know him as a romantic interest instead of as a friend.

It might be corny and a little foolish, but I believed in happily ever after, and I wanted it. Most guys I knew were all about hook ups and getting laid, but I wasn’t into casual sex. Not anymore at least. There’d been a time just after high school, when I’d had my first taste of freedom, that I’d gone to the clubs to see what was out there. After a few empty encounters I’d decided I was done with the scene. I wanted a boyfriend and didn’t see the point of sex without emotion.

But Cody was different, and pursuing anything other than friendship with him would have driven him away. Since I’d rather have Cody in my life as a friend over not having him at all, I’d decided to be the best friend to him that I could. My feelings had never faded and I instinctively compared every guy I met to Cody, but it was the way it had to be.

Once the movie was cued up I sat back and picked up my beer. After pulling in a deep breath Cody shifted a little closer to me so he could see the screen better. When I draped my arm over his shoulder in a friendly hold, it took him a moment before he could relax and lean back.

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About the Author 

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A.T. Brennan, who also writes under the name Mandie Mills, is a romance and erotica author. A native of Ottawa, Canada, she enjoys picking up and moving from city to city every few years. A former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, current entrepreneur and freelance writer, she enjoys spending her days working on her many projects and her nights writing and not getting enough sleep. Currently she lives on Canada's East Coast with her family, both two- and four-legged. She enjoys collecting books and exploring the different sides of romance and romantic expression in her works.

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