Saturday, May 21, 2016

On Higher Ground by Melissa Collins - Release Week Tour with Review and Giveaway


HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Dax and Beck are LIVE and waiting for you!
Have you grabbed your copy? 

When there's no peace after war...
When there's no solace after death...
When there's only pain and suffering...
Anxiety and loss...
All you can hope to find is something more...
Something that makes you whole and complete.
Something that puts you On Higher Ground


4 out of 5 stars

On Higher Ground is the sequel to On Solid Ground, which introduced and developed the relationship between Dax and Beck. This is not a standalone and should only be read as the companion book to On Solid Ground. 

I absolutely loved the first book, so I was extremely excited to hear that the author was revisiting one of my favorite couples and advancing their story. I will admit that I was a little leary of revisiting them as well because they are a favorite couple. I did enjoy the story because I loved seeing more of Dax and Beck, seeing them settle into their lives and  deal with being parents. 

The struggle for Dax with his PTSD was very well done. It just felt like something was missing from the first book to Dax's issues with his PTSD in this book. I'm not sure that I expected Dax's reaction to his PTSD flaring up either. It seemed a bit out of character but since PTSD strikes at will it's very possible this was a true reaction.  And the author introduced a new character, Micah, who I'm guessing will be in a future book. At least I hope he is after what happens prior to his disappearing act in On Higher Ground. The additional drama that was created with his character though, fell a little flat for me. I'd have preferred to see more of a positive spin on the new character's part in the story since he also suffers from PTSD but, again hopefully this isn't his only appearance. 

Overall On Higher Ground was a good wrap up to what was started in On Solid Ground. I just felt the minor issues were more of a blip then a bump or a stopping point. I loved seeing little Violet's life evening out with Dax and Beckett. Also seeing more of their friends and their own lives moving forward made this a very enjoyable read. As usual the author gets her characters and that shapes the story around them and it's very easy to get lost in a story written like that. 

I highly recommend this for fans of the first book, and recommend both books to readers who've never read either the series or this author previously. 



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